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Cache Recommendations For Central Oregon?

Team Noltex
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Team Noltex is taking a family road trip to northern California in a few weeks from Tacoma via I-5, I-84 and south along Hwy 197 to Lake Shasta with stops planned for Crater Lake and Klamath Lake. Apparently it's the "Team Noltex Lakes Excursion 2004". :laughing: The only cache we have planned for sure right now is "The Pipeline" GCC51C.


Fortunately, this is about a six day trip with only about 3 days worth of driving, so we have lots of time to wander around and find some caches. I'm looking for some recommendations for caches that aren't too far out of the way and are hikes under a mile or two. Can anyone please help with some suggestions of favorite caches on this route?

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This cache, offers a nice opportunity to explore an abandoned power station and a nice set of waterfalls. It's a quick detour along Hwy 216 over to the cache, then continue east over to the Deschutes River to check out Sherars Falls. Follow the road south along the river to Maupin where it rejoins Hwy 197. If you happen to come across the retired folks who are the campground hosts near the cache, they'll talk your head off about the history of the area.


This cache, makes a good rest stop and gives you some nice views of the Crooked River Gorge.


If you are ambitious, you might try my Burma Road cache. Even if you don't do the cache, it is well worth the very short detour to check out Smith Rock State Park.

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Sounds like a great trip you have planned. That Hwy 197 threw me for a second, had to get out the road atlas, haven't been that far up Hwy 97 for awhile. If you go to Crater Lake, highly recommended, try to take time for the launch ride and start early so you can stop at Wizard Island. Wear a swimming suit under your hiking duds and go for a swim. The water is cool and you'll remember it forever.


Lots of caches around Klamath Falls. Check out Moore Park. On the way in north of town is Hagelstein Park, good rest stop and a new cache, that I hope stays put for a while. I'm headed out the door right now but I'll list some of the better caches I can think of. Enjoy your trip. :(

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