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Geocaching EMS RS, I'm One, U?

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Used to be a Firefighter, Paramedic, and Deputy Sheriff.....


No money in firefighting, left EMS because of burnout, and quit Law Enforcement because of wifes job and endless relocating, and wasn't making enough money.


If I could, I would go back to Law Enforcement......those were the days.

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My brother's an EMT, and CPR instructor, now working on his nursing degree, he plans to be a flight nurse with one of the local helicopter rescue teams.


We're both active Red Cross volunteers.


I've done some training with a local Search and Rescue group, and I plan to join, but I'm still a bit to young for their liking...


I'm also planning to be a ski patroller once I'm old enough.


I plan to go to college to become a paramedic or a police officer, or maybe a police officer who's a paramedic. I dunno...

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My brother is a Fire Fighter and I have tried to get him into caching a few time. He has a PDA type GPS and has gone with me a couple time. He even set up his own account but to date has not used it.


Together we did place a cache Firefighter Cross that is sort of remote and had only 2 finds thus far. The second find is a Fire Fighter friend of mine.

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guess that makes more than 3 :cry: Been in the "biz" for 13 years, glad to meet all of ya ;) Started on a christmas night when nephew asked me to take him to fire call (volunteer) when he was 16 years old, another 16 year old and an old man showed up to run the call, :tired: I decided something had to be done !!! Now look at me, almost 50, and still climbin mountains like I was 20, I think it has somethin to do with the biz :tired:

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Former volunteer Firefighter/EMT in VA and VT. Also did alot of ER work, in high school as a Volunteer, then right after as an orderly, so I got to see both ends of the carnage.

When you're 16 and have someone die (especially when they are young too) when you're part of the team trying to save them is quite the formative experience.

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Is that it?

Love your avatar!! :smile:

Thanks Sparky, could not let everyone out do me, still need to work on the colors though..... :ph34r:


Hey GeoGrass....

I have to ask, how did GeoGrass come to be your handle? I have visions of the wife pushing a lawn mower and you laying in front of it, with your backside high ;)

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They will chime in.


I know of one policeman who offered to show me the underside of the Brooklyn Bridge or the George Washington Bridge. Of course, I would have to look quick so I could see it before I hit the water. :huh:

i dont think you would see much of the underside of the bridge, going over head first.

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N5PNE is a volunteer for our local Emergency Management Services and also a HAM operator. He also is into the Weather Watching thing. My usual comments to the weather watching is........Drop me and the girls off at the shelter and have fun. :)


When I was in the OKANG (Oklahoma Air National Guard) I was a Dental Assistant and then I went to Nursing School...... but I didn't finish (thank GOD).


Not much but hey..... :(



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