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In And Out, In And Out, Etc. Tbs

Konnarock Kid & Marge

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As TD stated, it is probably a personal TB.


Sometimes if I am carrying a bug or coin that I have targeted for a certain cache, I'll run it through the caches I found along the way. But only when I'm traveling a significant distance. I figure the bug deserves to show that it's been there even if I haven't left it behind.

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The question isn't where he lives, the question is did the person in question also LOG every cache that he's dropping this bug in and out of?


Some people have a personal travel bug, and they log it in and out of every cache they go to so they have a map of where/when they cahed and a mileage log of their caching experiences. It also puts all of their cache finds in a single place to look through when they want to find something quickly/at a glance.


So if he's going to the cache, and also logging this bug in and out, then it's his personal bug.

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Can you latch on to someones TB and it becomes your personal TB?

I guess you could hold one hostage, but it'll never be 'yours'.


Actually dropping and retrieving a bug (not their own) is not that uncommon. Perhaps this cacher is on vacation traveling through several states and maybe they'll release the bug once they reach their destination. I would certainly want my bug to show it passed through, even if the cacher kept it going.


You can check to see if they logged a 'Found' on the cache as that won't show on the bug history. But personally I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. The chances are pretty good the bug really did visit the cache.

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I have a geocoin whose goal is to reach all 50 states. It was found by a geocacher who is traveling extensively. He asked if I minded if he kept the coin while he traveled. I said I thought that was a great way to rack up states. So he logs it in and out when he travels to a new state. 12 states down, most of which are thanks to him.


I might question it if he hadn't asked but in this case I think it's fine.

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Sorry folks,

I guess I am the odd ball but I think is not what TBs are all about. For the same person (not on a vacation) to simply carry a TB with him for days while he is caching is not what it is all about. So the TB gets milage, big deal. One person not physically placing the TB in a cache is fake. The TB wasn't in the cache therefore how can it be "placed" as in the log? The other thing that's wrong with this is keeping it for so long deprives other cachers an opportunity to really "find" it in a cache and to really "place" it in another cache.

It sounds like we are getting caught up in the statistics and forgetting the fun of the chase. Its like virtual (not the cache type) caching and not really doing it. Please don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with keeping score but is it a real score or a virtual one? Thanks

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I guess the question is what's the goal of this bug?

If it's in a mileage race, then no, don't log it in and out... But if its goal is to go to as many caches as it can, why not let someone dangle it from their GPS and take it around on a day or two of caching?


We'd have more educated speculation if you'd post a link to this bug.

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Sometimes people pick up a TB and then the next several caches they find are only micros... since they can't drop off the TB, they log it in and out of the cache so that there can still be a record of the TB's travel history.


Actually I did the opposite once. I found a TB that was meant for a film canister micro. I didn't find one for a while, so I logged the TB in and out of the other caches I visited. The owner e-mailed me thanking me for adding the mileage.

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One time I did that with a TB that had moved from Colorado to Canada, but had never been logged into any caches.


The people who had it simply placed notes on the cache pages or mentioned it in logs but never dropped it off officially.


I logged it in and out of three caches using the note feature in order to make sure the bug got its mileage.



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Sometimes cachers are taking Travel Bugs on a mission when they do this. We cannot presume to know where the cacher is heading. Sometimes Bugs are in races and the cacher has offered it a ride. It is done quite often, and usually it is nice to e-mail the Bug owner and let them know what's up. If the bug hasn't got a specific goal, the cacher is just helping it along. There is no hard and fast rule about how bugs get moved, as long as they move. If it is your bug, then you have the option of sending the cacher in question a polite e-mail asking what their plans are for dropping it off.

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