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Review Of Tom Tom Go

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From msn tech review page on Tom Tom Go


  "Won't Catch Me With One"

Flower Child on 25-Jul-2004 10:44:17 AM

Pros: It's a wonderful invention at first glance. Ease of navigation, ease of use, good value, good reliability, etc. make it very appealing. I can see why everyone would want to own one.

Cons: But, there is something that most people do not realize. GPS units work by tracking sattelites owned by the U.S. government. The sattelites then also know where you are. Ever wonder how OnStar can always figure out where you left your vehicle? They're tracking you.  Gov't tracking of civilians is a dangerous road to travel. Learn to use a map and forgo this invention.



Is any of this true. I thought the satellites transmitted to our hand held units not received any signal. Don't think my Rino 120 will transmit to the necessary range. Are the automobile units transmiters, too.

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OnStar is different from our GPSrs. OnStar uses cellular to connect to their service centers, kind of like a home alarm system using a phone line to connect.


When OnStar wants to find your vehicle, it makes a cellular phone call and requests the location. It can track your vehicle continuously but only with your permission (like when your vehicle is stolen). In fact it can only request a location in certain conditions (written into the contract) such as air bags deploying, etc.


If can also connect via cellular and unlock your door, doa quick diagnostic of the vehicle if it is not starting, etc.


So a normal GPSr cannot talk to the sats. I think the editor was going for the shock factor and wanted to scare the public to get better ratings.

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Typical example of someone who knows nothing of what they're talking about going for shock value and using peoples' trust in the Internet to pretend that they're an expert.


Short answer: No. They're full of <bad information>. :(


Sounds like another article from the "tinfoil hat" crowd. 2d6fee88-40d2-4ee7-98dd-a190306ef77e.jpg

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