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Geocaching In Education

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I think geocaching would make an ideal cross curricular topic for classroom based teaching at KS2. A well designed project could include elements of ICT, Science, maths, geography, PE, citizenship and probably others! I'm not a teacher but I would love to host the project on the Geocaching Today magazine website.

Are there any teacher geocachers out there who would like to help develop this idea?

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I have introduced geocaching to the school where I teach. I started off giving a whole school assembly and now we are using geocaching in many lessons both at KS1 and KS2.


We have our own cache within walking distance of the school where the children regularly go out and check on it and read the log book and they also check it during ICT.


We have a T & J Bear called porridge that the children take home during the weekends and holidays. He is a very well travelled bear! They take photos and write up all about his travels. He has even got his own passport which gets stamped as he goes through customs.


We have three travel bugs which we track, which have all done well. Giant Wood Wasp Stag Beetle Purple Emperor Stag Beetle


This year some of our Y5 and Y6 children have been doing Trailblazer, which is a scheme to get children outdoors and link it to education. I took them out geocaching as part of their studies and they really enjoyed it. They all achieved their bronze award at the end of term.


Just a small insite into our school's geocaching activities.

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I have started to introduce the topic via a travel Bug (Rackhouse Rambler) However was unsure how to develop it any further, especially with Year 3's. Nearby to the school, there are now two caches, and plenty of area in which we could plant our own, but I was looking for a little bit more guidance as how to do it. So any help would be much appreciated.


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We have a TB - Fawley Owl that has been out and about since Feb 02 on behalf of our local Infant School. It's mission is to visit schools & educational establishments around the world. The Infant school kids that originally released him have spent the last couple of years tracking his movements & learning about the places he has visited and have loved following his progress.

Fawley Owl


He seems to be a bit stuck in the Netherlands at the mo though!


Sarah x

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I had had the same thought, and these posts have reminded me! I am a secondary school science teacher, and was considering a TB race between tutor groups, or science classes, which would involve IT, Geography, Science (explaining the use of satellites at Year 8!), plus good, old fashioned competition!


I will have to give it a little more thought!

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Hi everyone

thanks for replying to this post. perhaps we could set up a discussion group using msn messenger to look at how we might drive this forward.


What do you think?


if you like the idea, add me to your msn contacts using my email address editor@geocachingtoday.com and ping me next time you see me on line! Once were all set up we could perhaps schedule some regular chats on the subject?


best regards


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