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Cache Containers

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I'm thinking about making special containers for people to buy and use for their caches that they want to be very difficult or clever or whatever and I just want to know if anyone might consider buying something like that before I get all of the supplies and make them.


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well first,

What would you sell? (size, shape, color?)

What it be made of? (does it have a sell? will it rust? will the cold/water/heat damage it?)



Not to discourage you, but from time to time people bring up certain ideas about making an 'ultimate' geocache container. (like for example a hatch locking clear plastic (or at least view port) container with a rubber seal. Or a plastic ammo box if you will) And what seems to come of it is "yes I would buy them but only if they were cheap and worked well". So your compeating with ammo boxes for durability and gladware for cost :blink:.

Sorry thats not a very good reply, but best I could come up with.

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Well I don't mean for an ordinary cache. Like for example, here's some pictures of one that looks like a sprinkler head:





I would make all different kinds of them, big and small out of all different kinds of things. They would have to be tested for leakage before sold and for the price, about what the supplies cost (maybe $5 for the nicer ones) It may not be a good idea but that's why I'm asking.

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Items that look like things like sprinkler heads or hollow bolts or fake fence post tops or things that encourage people to dissasemble things should not be allowed. Taking apart sprinklers if they are not geocaches is very bad and will get this sport banned from local parks in a hurry.

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