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Paris, France Caches


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In Feb 2005 I'll be heading to Paris, France and I would like to find a few caches. I did a search and there are over 350 caches in France. I can't get it to narrow down to Paris only at all.


If you know of some could you post or link them here? Keep in mind I'll be on foot, I don't have any plans on renting a car. The hotel we are staying at in near the Eiffle tower.





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welcome in my country.


First you can have a look at the topic "caching in France" in the all nation forum, you will find several advises about caching in Pris and around Paris.


Then the list of caches in Paris are : http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...83&lon=2.363367


If you look at the descriptions of the dufferent caches you will see when it is in Paris "intra muros" (as we say in French) or for some caches our you can go with the subway (the subway in paris is very well organise).


Les gaulois


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