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Kudos To Garmin

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I called Garmin Customer Service about something else and we started talking about CS version 6 (I had version 5, which I bought along with my 60CS the first week they came out).


I was not eligible for any free or discounted to CS 6. Garmin offered me without asking an upgrade fto CS 6 or only $37.50!

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I second that!


I just called Garmin inquiring about the two GPS limit on my City Select software and they helped me out (more like hooked me up :o) wonderfully.


It looks like Garmin really has their stuff together. I'm on my fourth GPSr from Garmin now and I think they'll be keeping me as a customer for a long time to come.

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I can't complain about their out-of-warranty repair service either.


My eTrex hit the pavement when I was on the bike so I sent it away to them for repairs. 5 days later, a brand new eTrex was delivered since the old one couldn't be repaired.

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You can only use the software twice or only install it on two gps units?

Any ideas why they limit the software? My MetroGuide Canada v 4 and

Topo Canada does not have this.

Some of the products such as City Select and City Navigator are tied to the GPS Unit. Garmin allows each software license to work with up to 2 units.


Some of their map or cartography products as Garmin calls them such as Metroguide and Topo are not tied to specific GPS units.


When you limit the software to specific units it becomes a form of copy protection.



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