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Using Bluelogger With Quakemap?

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I ordered a Dell X30H handheld on July 8th but it hasn't come in yet. Long shipping delay!


I ordered an earthmate BlueLogger GPS a week later and that came in on Monday.


I've made some GPS log files and used them with Street Atlas USA on the PC.

But I want to import them into Quakemap, but I don't see how?


Blue Logger saves up to 50,000 GPS points as RAW data, a GPL file, DeLorme draw File, Text File, DeLorme XData database, or DeLorme Openspace file.


How can I create a Track Log (.gpx) file out of one of these DeLorme files so I can use it with QuakeMap or other GPS software.


Can I do this with GPS Swiss Army Knife (which I have but couldn't figure out) or another shareware/freewhere gps program?


Thank You


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