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A Very Important Cito

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First the link


In Central Ohio, we have the most restrictive Cache placement policy known to man. To summarize: 1 gallon, clear plastic container on the ground within 3 feet of a paved/maintained trail. Owner must check every other week. Owner must file a visit report with the park at the end of the year (which is the end of the permit) that details what counties the visitors came from. Park managers are expected to inspect te cache several times a year to check for explosives, food, and such.


Needless to say, this is more preventative than permissive. We'd like to change that. On August 7th, we're going to try to make an impact by having a veritable horde of cachers and cacher-friends show up for a Creek Cleanup from 10-12am. It's part of a "RiverFest" in one of the parks. We'd like to have a huge (read overwhelming) showing that makes it unmistakable that we're here, wer'e here to stay and that we care about the parks they think that we're destroying.


Anyone who can make it to Columbus (south side) on that Saturday, please do. We've had lousey turn outs for CITOs in the past. With enough orders, we will have a COG CITO shirt available so let us know if you'd like one.


We're planning that the afternoon will be a good day to run some cache tours in the area around the park. My two puzzles are nearby so bring coordinates for them. Routes can get as many as 35 scenic caches in the afternoon or a single multi that you'll remember.


Thanks for considering this. We can use all the help we can get.


Visit COG's Forums for more discussion and to request a shirt reservation.

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