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Identifying Photo Locations

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I am unsing the GPS to recort locations of photographs world wide. When I record a location I need the Lat/Lon and the exact time. In addition to the time I would love to have the ability to record the direction I was facing.


Also different progams I use need the Lat/Lon in different formats. Most of these are degree with the balance decimal (Arc View). Some are degree, minute, balance decimal (Geocaching) and your default appears to be Degree, Min., Sec. I need to report the location in any of these


To create a trip, can I enter waypoints on that trip in any of these formats? Also when I record a waypoint using the GPS can I have it reported in my selected format?


Do you have a GPS that can do this? If so please let me know what it is.


Thank you for your help

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Check out QuakeMap. If you synch the times between your GPS and your camera, you can download your tracks (complete with time speed and location). You can also point to a folder where you have stored your photos. It will grab the photos and place them along the track using the corresponding time. THis is quite effective when you use an aerial overlay that QuakeMap provides. I use this quite a bit when laying out caches or when going on hikes. Hope this helps...

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I play around a lot with Visual Basic for Windows. I found the Exif spec on the internet and wrote software to extract the date and time information and use that to change the filename of my digital photos. I place this date and time in a text file with the same filename as the photo. I have software to also add comments to this same text file.


So for all my digital photos I have a text file with time, date, day of the week and comments. I wrote a screen saver that displays my photos and shows the contents of the text file beside the photo.


I set up my Garmin to take a tracklog point every 8 seconds. I download this tracklog to mapsource and then export from mapsource to a text file. On every trip where I take digital photos I take one photo of my GPS unit showing the time on the GPS.


I have more software where I enter the time on the GPS in the photo and compare it to the Exif time data for the photo of the GPS. This gives me a time delta.


I use the Exif time of each digital photo, apply the delta and then search the tracklog for the point nearest to that time. I will always fine one within 8 seconds or less of the photo.


I then update the text file with the lon, lat and altitude from the tracklog. My screen saver displays this data also and uses the coordinates to display a dot on a map of the USA showing where the photo was taken. This makes for a pretty neat screen saver.


Back to my software, I have a button that will take the coordinates for any photo and pass them to ExpertGps where I can view an aerial photo of the spot where I took the photo. I also have a button to pass the coordinates to Mapsource to display the same.


This sounds complicated, but it evolved over time and is actually pretty streamlined now.


Digital cameras and GPSs are definitely some of the funner toys I've bought as an adult.



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