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Passive Electronics

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Hmm. Nice concept.


I work in a building that has security badges. You put the security badge in front of a resonator - it sends a signal to the card, a chip in the card vibrates at a certain frequency and if allowed in, opens the door.


It's RFID. Google that and you'll be inundated with info about how, why, infringment of consumer rights, crazy stuff.


It even works at a distance.


Oh yeah, and my cat has an ID chip inside the skin on the back of his neck. Pet Police handheld scanners will tell them who the cat belongs to.



(OddTodd - K7PKT and CheleBell)

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RFID is used in the terminal at Anchorage airport.


Military also uses it to track cargo shipments.


The Military installed a unit at the door of our warehouse that can detect any shipment of theirs as it passes into or out of our location. When it is detected some guy in a room somewhere gets a message that shipment xxxxxxxx is in Anchorage. They usually show up to pick up the stuff before we can call and let them know it is here.


Pretty cool technology if used properly. Big Brother can use it to track everything you do as well.

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Is there any way to diy it.


Like if you where to put one in a golf ball would you be able to track it from a distance. Something like a transponder?

No, not at that distance. The passive device get's it's power from a field sent by the sensor. That can't work at significant distances. Best you can do is a doorway or so. To get distance you need power and that usually means a battery. It's no longer "passive".

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Is there any way to diy it.


Like if you where to put one in a golf ball would you be able to track it from a distance.  Something like a transponder?

somebody makes golf balls with RFID chips in them ...you get about half a dozen balls and a device for reading them.....you have to close to use it though..




I think I saw it in one of the recent Popular Science magazines also....

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RFID uses proximity to detect the item that is tagged.


If you were to rig a golf course with detection units throughout the course, it could be used to track the speed as the ball passes each reader.


Would make it easy to find the one in the rough as well.

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