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Garmin's Been Busy

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I think these particular units have firmware to recognize the VORs, VORTACs, VOR/DMEs and NDBs and fixes as searchable POIs with proper icon symbols. You could probably upload the data to your 60s, 76s, Legends & Vistas, but everything would probably just show up as a generic "Waypoint".


A few simple changes to the firmware code, and Garmin gives 'em another model number and marks them up 250% because they know pilots will pay it!


I've got the navaid data in waypoint format, but there're waaaaaay more navaids in the US than there are maximum number of waypoints on our GPSrs. I'm working on a MapSource "roll-your-own" project that will hopefully skirt that issue. The problem I face is this:


1. Using VORs, VORTACs, VOR/DMEs and NDBs and fixes as searchable POIs with proper icon symbols will probably result in Legends, Vistas and 60s showing them as simple "Waypoint" symbols and I doubt they'd be searchable.


2. Using the generic Navaid symbols (red, green, black, white, etc) would show as such, but you'd have to remember that red = VORTAC, green = VOR/DME, black = VOR, white = NDB, and again I doubt they'd be searchable.


3. I could make them into different types of restaurants - NDB = Fast Food, VORs, VOR/DMEs & VORTACs = International. At least then they would be searchable, but then it'd be pretty funny navigating to a fork & spoon symbol. Additionally, I could use "shopping" to represent the fixes.


On the bright side, Garmin has just released XIMAGE to create customized icons for certain models. I've got all the proper aeronautical navaids and fixes designed and ready to go. The problem is that MapSource doesn't recognize them and converts them into generic "Waypoint" symbols. Perhaps someday they'll make a MapSource update to be able to recognize them.


Anybody interested? Any thoughts, remarks or ideas???

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