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Would You Pick Up This Travel Bug?!?

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Sure, why not? Should be easy enough to leave in proximity to caches that are off-the-beaten path so as not to be muggled or give away the cache but still be found by the caching community.


Are you going to put it in a plastic baggie? :blink:

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Glad you went ahead and did it...

well unless i had gotten a resounding negative responce i had alread made up my mind. i laughed for a few when I thought of it, then again when i actually dropped it. :blink:


I think it probably will hop event caches mostly just due to the issues with trying to hide something like it.

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Look at the Cindy tb (here)

I think this makes it to alot of event caches where it serves as a "booby prize".  It has traveled almost 2000 miles!!!


Do it!

Yes, but this one would roll down a hill a lot better than Cindy!!


EDIT: Just saw the "bowling for marmots" post! :blink: Too funny!! :lol:

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Of course I would pick it up. TBs should present some sort of challenge other than just moving them around. Lugging that thing through the woods would be a definate challenge, not to mention getting to see the looks on the muggles' face with you emerge from the forrest with a bowling ball.


I love large bugs :huh: Here is one of my own. Not heavy but large:


Geo Gnome


Better than a heavy haul, I would love to see the look on the face of the TSA inspector scanning that luggage for a flight.

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Holy Guacamole! Now that's a big travel bug.


I'd probably pick it up and move it, since it can be hidden *near* a smaller geocache in many locations. The look on the muggles' faces to see someone lugging that thing out of the woods WOULD be priceless.


Gee now youall have given me a truly *evil* TB idea to go along with the large easy to find geocache that takes a grabbing tool and some patience to retrieve.

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flask, i plan to make more obnoxious sized bugs, maybe ill have ones goal be to travel to you :P

yes! please be advised that i do not own a truck or a winch. i will be happy to engage in being a nuisace, though. excuse me, don't mind me and my anvil. we're just going for a walk.

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Hmmm - did I just see a 110 pound anvil on sale in the latest Harbor Freight catalog? - hehehehehe.


Extremely heavy anvil - $89.95 on sale

Travel bug tag - about $5

hidden wildlife camera trip wired to geocache $49.95

Look on someone's face when they find the travel bug - priceless




Then there's this seized up 307 cu in Oldsmobile long block that a TB tag could be stuck under a valve cover bolt or somewhere else on the engine :P

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yes! please be advised that i do not own a truck or a winch. i will be happy to engage in being a nuisace, though. excuse me, don't mind me and my anvil. we're just going for a walk.

um, errr, ehhem. actually that was EXACTLY what i was thinking about using, a smaller one that i got out back(about 25lbs). I also was thinking about a 20 dumb bell :P


consider it a done deal, I'll send it out soon, not sure which option though, I still gotta decide. I'll let ya know when it gets released.

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I wanna pick it up so I can add a TB goal sheet and paint it with purple fur


seriously though. i would pick it up. but I have no idea where I would leave. I cant picture any cache I've ever encountered being large enough to hold it, well except maybe this one


Besides, any cache that i would feel comfortable leaving it next to (because it was so out of the way) I wouldnt want to carry a 14 lb bowling ball to, and if it was close enough to carry it to, I probably wouldnt feel comfortable leaving it there. I mean 14 lbs would get pretty heavy pretty quickly I imagine...


but It'd be fun trying to find a place to hide it.

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I have had this idea for at least 6 months but have never found a suitable bowling ball to do the trick. You beat me to the bowling ball but that just motivated me to get my TB launched. Check my newest TB: Chain Chomp

sweet bug dude.


i had that ball for like 10 years and never did anything with it but collect dust so one day i looked at it and had an evil idea.


if yours makes it near me i'll deffinatly go and grab it.

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What a cool idea. That definately works around the "no traveling caches" policy. I don't like that policy but definately understand why it must be that way. The TB aspect also makes it effortless. GREAT IDEA!

Why thank you... :huh:


One of them has been picked up, but not logged yet, I have high hopes for them, and if they work out, hope to launch a few more in the same vein...



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