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I was playing around and noticed (with Win XP) when you go to, Start, All Programs, Mapsource, it has North American City Select v5 Map Istallation Wizard and City Select North American v6 Update Map Istallation Wizard. Just for S&Gs I ran the wizard for v5 and it gave me the option to Modify, Repair or Remove with the default being Modify.


Has anyone ever tried reving a previous version? I have v5 and v6 and see no reason for keeping v5. Then I figure I can run the wizard for v6, choose Modify and add the regions that I didn't have room for when I installed (all regions of v5 are installed).


Any input? Thanks.

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I haven't tried v5 to v6, but in my last upgrade from v4 to v5 of City Select, v5 needed to be installed. I also couldn't uninstall v5 since it would actually uninstall the programs for v6 leaving Mapsource not working.


Garmin's recommendation was to install v4 with the smallest mapset possible (don't remember which one they told me) and then upgrade to v5, leaving v4 there. My guess is the same is true of v5 to v6.



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I had City Select v5 installed and then I installed the v6 update from Garmin. I then went into the Windows Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs applet and uninstalled the old v5 and my v6 update still works just fine in MapSource (and on my GPS). Thus, there's no need to keep the old v5 installed once you've installed v6 (although you will indeed need v5 installed in you ever need to reinstall v6 at a later date).


I hope this helps some...

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