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Nittany Dave Hits #1000

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Congratulations Dave. ND is the one that got us started in the game and we are very appreciative for that. He is always around for questions (pretty close-lipped with hints though) and always ready to help. The youngest of the horsegeeks says that nittany dave is his geocaching hero. Maybe some day I'll be. Thanks very much for your support and again congratulations.

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Wow, I guess I should read these forums more often...no, never mind.


Thanks for all the congrats and thanks to everyone who placed a cache that I found. I'll deal with the people who placed caches I can't find later tonight. :blink::D


Of course congratulation to wimseyguy are in order on his 1000th find also. Hitting 1000 was cool, hitting 1000 on a difficult cache was very cool, but doing it with a friend who was also getting his 1000th along with two more friends made it supremely cool! :D


I checked wimseyguy's total the day before we planned to go caching together and saw that he was ahead of me. So I went out the door to catch up. I did, then when I logged my finds and checked his total, I realized he had found a few more. So back out I went to catch up again! Luckily, I found one of his caches that had been vexing me lately to pull even again. I love it when a plan comes together!

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