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Garmin Rino 110 For $100

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Could this be an indication of it being discontinued? The dude at Walmart looked on his little computer doohicky and told me that it was not being replenished.


Wonder if Garmin will phase it out for something better? Maybe a Rino 130 cs?


I think a Rino 130cs with 4 AAA batteries putting out 2-3 watts on GMRS would be an ideal caching radio.


The 1 watt is limiting, and the position polling working only on the FRS channel limits peer-to-peer to .5watts...weak. In a wooded area .5 watts gets squat for range.


Any thoughts anyone?



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Didn't ask, I'm going back tomorrow to buy a couple more so I'll ask. Can't beat the price. My Rino 120 is great but for $100 a piece I might as well get some so I can use the peer to peer feature with more than 1 other person.


Does anyone know if the polling feature is available on the 110? I bought a couple of them but haven't opened them yet.

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I got my 110 aorund Jan or Feb at WalMart...on clearance for $90... :blink:


Some WalMarts get products other WalMarts may or may not stock...There are different levels of store sizes....Especially between SuperCenters and regular WalMarts....Its all based on sales floor space.


Just because something goes on clearance does not mean its a discontinued or no-longer carried item.


Its up to each store what items they put on clearance, and how low $$ they go....Basically each store is held responsible to make a profit. By clearancing items, that comes out of each stores own percentage, so its up to the store level management which items will go, and how low they will go to clearance an item...Sometimes they will drop the price several times on an item...


An item I missed out on was a $99 radio controlled HUMMER. We had about 20 of them left over after Xmas. The box its in is HUGE...about 3' x 1.5' x 1.5', and they take up too much shelf space, so they clearanced them out...I think they started at $39....Then, the last day we had them, they let the last 15 or so of them go for $15....They went in just about an hour :o

Needless to say they dissappeared quick....


Well, about a month ago, we started getting a few of them back in again...Back at the full $99 price....I'm sure we will have many more of them again for Xmas...They were a hot item...


WalMart bases their inventory heavily on seasonal items. So, when a season comes to a close, they have to make room for the new seasons products. They help accomplish this by clearancing slow moving items, as well as good selling items that they have high quantities of....Most of the clearance items fall under this circumstance, rather than being a discontinued item.....


Our WalMart is a mid-size, and they have to carry the cheaper Made-For-WalMart brands before any big-name items....Once in awhile we get higher end stuff, but they usually go quick, and if not, they get clearanced to make room for the regular cheapy stuff....Thats how they can say they have the lowest prices...Not a lot of big-name items....Of which, Garmin would be....The high-end items dont gain them much profit, since they have to pay a high cost on them, and have to charge full MRSP on them.....SO you can almost always find these big-name items cheaper elsewhere.....Thats why they dont stock many of them, or for very long.


Matter of fact, we have a couple of Cobra 100's sitting in the display case that have been there since they came out months ago.....The Garmin 110's we only stocked for a month or two before they clearanced the two that were left...


Anyway, sorry for being so long winded, but just thought I would shed some light on how WallyWorld works...Hope I didnt put you to sleep...

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Thanks for the explinations. That makes sense now!


Wamart's strategy is different, that is why they are so successful.


I used to work for Target as an ETL. Their setup is the whole region takes progressive markdowns/markups. In other words, the company sends to the computer via satellite any price corrections and the stores have to verify merchandise counts and activate. No choice, region wide.


Walmart seems to be more store by store, case by case basis based on the area.


I never agreed with Target's method. Big Bear mountain should be treated different from Los Angeles for instance. But the merchandise is the same in the two locations.


Anyway, if it's store specific, $100 is still a great price so I'll go back and get a couple more for a total of 4. (Although Cracker beat me by $10 a piece!!!! :blink: )




I would like to update the software but these don't come with the cable so I can't. :o

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It would have if I'd bought it new from a store. I picked it up off ebay, no cable.


Sucks, I didn't want to shell out the $$ for something that costs them $2 to make.


I never had the need since like most of us crazy geocachers, I have a number of GPSrs. (iQue, 60cs, Legend, Rino 120, and now the Rino 110). The 60 cs is what I use for geocaching, the iQue gets me there on the road. The Legend and Rino has been shelved for awhile now.


Target has the cable for like $25. I think it's insane for some wires and rubber.

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