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Garmin's Gpsmap 76cs

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I upgraded to the 76cs from a 12XL was week. WOW! My trusty 12XL just isn't in the same league anymore. The screen is fantastic, it's quick to zoom in and out. Even the basic loaded basemap is useful. I have the NA City Select on order and it is scheduled to arrive on the 20th. I've used the USB cable to download tracks and routes with ExpertGPS and it is so much faster that the serial cable. I have absolutely no reservations recommending this GPSR.


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Here's a couple of links on the 76CS with good comments and pictures...


Discussion #1 on 76CS


Discussion #2 on 76CS


I am 'pasting' my comments from those two discussions here....




1) It has double the memory of a 60CS. Enough said right there!


2) It IS nearly the same size as the 60.

Garmin spec's

76CS: 6.2"H x 2.7"W x 1.4"D

60CS: 6.1"H x 2.4"W x 1.3"D

.... (yes I know, the 60 has a Rhino antenna and it more rounded in places....)


3) It DOES fit in a shirt or coat pocket.


4) I have taken a 76s or 76CS deer hunting each of the past 3 years. Worked great!


5) It floats, which might be important since you mentioned boats.


6) According to Garmin, it's basemap is 'more detailed' than a 60, see thread below...


Here's another 76 vs. 60 thread...


7) I have tried the 60 series and understand others may prefer it's form, I however, preferred and bought the 76.... YMMV :D


Here's a re-posting comment's I've made earlier...


Most of the things that are said about the 60 are likely true of the 76C(s) as well (only the 76Cs is better ;) IMHO)


I really like

  • Color
  • 115Mb for Maps !!!
  • New Operating Interface
  • Autorouting !!!
  • Geocahing mode is nice (but definately not needed!)

ONE thing I don't like (also true of the 60):

  • Text sizes are way too big with too much 'white space' for data fields.
  • Hopefully a firmware update (I've sent in a request) will allow a choice for smaller data field sizes (like on the 76s)

As for Size, the 60 people will claim the 76 is the size of a small river barge. NOT True. In fact the total exterior dimensions are nearly identical. I know, I know, the 76 case is largely rectangular (i.e. it floats) and the 60 case has the rhino style antenna and rounded off bottom, but the point is, the 76 series is NOT huge. It fits in shirt pockets, it fits beautifully in my hands. My wife is rather petitte and she has no complaints using the 76cs. I am only rambling on so, because the 60 crowd would scare off any potential purchasers who've never even seen a 76 series.





If you find you need accessory cables and such: GPS Geek (a.k.a. Gilsson Tech) can't be beat! They also sell a very nice case with clear window for the 76 series!


RAM mounts are great and become relatively inexpensive once you expand to multiple uses (i.e. car, bike, etc) RAM Mounts specific to the 76 series...9301430135J.gif9301430135DA.jpg

I've said if before and here it is again:

"I'll take double the memory of the 60 series in a floating case any day!!!!!"



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Keys on top is one of the reasons I went with the 60cs instead. Someone in another thread made an interesting comment that whether or not the 76 feels too big might be related to how people naturally hold that type of thing in their hand. I don't remember the exact details, but basically I think it was along the lines of people that hold stuff right in the palm tend to like the 76, and the buttons are well positioned for them. People that tend to hold things more across the fingers seem to find the 60 form factor better. I find I tend to hold it more in the fingers. Both seem to be excellent units, and for me, the memory on the 60cs has been entirely adequate.

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