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Mrs.dx Hits 100!!!


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Well, the Mrs. just hit her 100th cache at Bertie Wooster. I am so fortunate to have a wife who enjoys this sport almost as much as I do. She always worries that she is getting in my alone time, but I really do enjoy having her go with me. Especially letting her drive while I use the maps to figure out our approach. I think she hit her 100 before I did. And all this before our 3 month wedding anniversary. I told her once she hit a 100 she has to place a cache. Look for a Phideo type micro.




All my love,


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Congratulations, Daughter-in-Law!!!! I'm proud of you for getting to 100 so quickly, but I'm even more proud of you for putting up with Mikedx ;)


I'm so glad you both have a hobby that you can share together. I know a lot of cachers whose mates could care less. Actually, the fellow I'm dating now would like to go caching, but he's not really able to, unless we settle for some handicapped accessible ones. :D


Perhaps I can join you for some caching again sometime soon. I enjoyed caching with you at Coonskin that day.

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Congratulations, Mrs. DX! Keep up at this rate and mike's biggest competition will be his own wife!


MeeMaw--I'm sure you can find a few caches to hunt with him, but I'm sure you've grabbed all the handicapped accessible caches near here. I hope you don't have to go too far to find something you can search for together. Otherwise you can always take him to some you already found. Maybe there's something in the Ashland area you could try.

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Actually, I haven't done mikedx's A Cache for Harris yet. He assured me it's handicapped accessible. That's the first one I'd like to try. Hey - you've done it. Do you agree that it's HA?

Sounds like a good one to try. That cache may even favor some handicaps. For example: If I was in a wheelchair, I probably wouldn't have hit my head at the cache. ;)


I'm sure you'll find plenty that he can find with you. Maybe not our Land of the Lost, but I imagine he'll be able to find more caches than you realize (might have to get a bit creative, though.)

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I had no idea what I was getting into. Less than a year ago I didn't even know what geocaching was about. I remember reading an article in the paper about it and thought that sounded neat, but I didn't know anyone who had a GPS and had no clue how to go about getting involved, so I forgot about it. Then Mike came into my life and the rest is history. I've enjoyed going caching with him. Caching allows us to spend so much time together. I've also got to spend some time with my mother-in-law out caching and its great!! I hope we can get together again soon and get some more caches. The next step is placing a cache, and I'm have some trouble deciding on a spot, but I will get to it soon. The first 100 have been a blast, I've enjoyed most of them, some I could have done without, but I'm looking forward to many more.


Thanks Mike for allowing me to share this with you! I love you!!!

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The next step is placing a cache


How about a handicapped accessible one? :P Since you're a teacher, maybe you can have one that teaches us something, perhaps along the same line as bluet's Forgotten Cache!


I've also got to spend some time with my mother-in-law out caching and its great!!


An activity that can bring a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law together and have it be a pleasurable experience is a great activity! I hope we can go caching together again sometime soon!

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