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Am I Being Lame?

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I am a newbie ( a brand new newbie). When I went to log my first find it said there was an error in my log. The process seemed pretty straight forward so I tried it a few more times unseccessfully. Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong? Is it possible the system here at work is preventing me from logging in on company time?

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Go to the cache page, on the top left is a link that says "log your find" You must be logged in, if you are not and you click on this it will redirect you to the log in page. Log in and it will take you to the log this cache page. Now, there are a few drop down menus. One chooses the date of your find. Pick a date. One chooses the log type; found it, didn't find it, write a note, this cache should be archived, etc... pick the appropriate one. The big blank square is where you type your log. Below that is the drop down menu of any travel bugs you might have in your possession. Remember to keep the number of the bug if, for instance, you are waiting for pictures to be developed that want to upload, once you release this bug you can't get that number back. When you've done all this click the bar that says Submit this log entry. And you are done.


You may have noticed a button below the log your visit button that says "Watch this cache" That puts a watch on the cache so you will be e-mialed anytime someone posts a log.


Happy logging!

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as a realativly new person I found that I made two mistakes that I have found to be rather common -


first you have to make sure that you are logged onto the side -


second you have to select what kind of a log you are creating - like "I found it"


If you don't, you can't


hang in there - you'll get used to how to use the site - it does take a while -


I still forget the check boxes at the bottom when you create a new cache - arghhh...


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