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Hi all, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm considering buying a mapping package for my laptop but I can't decide between Ozi Explorer, Fagiwi, Memory Map, Etopo or Softmap. I've been on their web sites and whatnot but you really don't get a feel for the software until you use it. That's why I'm here asking if anyone who has used any of these packages can give me their opinons. Many thanks in advance.


Merlin (yes that's my real name) :unsure:

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If you're getting a mapping GPS, you should get mapping software from the mfr of your GPS. That way you can transfer the maps into it. You cannot do that with third party software. Those can be displayed on your PC only.


Good luck



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Hi, I use MEMORY MAP with my NAVMAN/IPAQ and I love it. It lets you set or record routes, tracks, waypoints, eighter on your home machine or on the IPAQ or vice versa. I don't know if you can use MM with just any GPS, Though I would think so. I use it when I go 4wheelin to track where I have been, just to record the trails fir reference. Works great..... Recomend it.... :~) :blink:

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