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So, what is this about?


I have the Navman 3*** sleeve, and the Ipaq 3955. Love the Ipaq, not to crazy about the Navman (but I like that it can use CF cards-I use it more for that than I do a GPSr). The Navman just takes to long to get a fix, and not sure how well it holds it (had this over a year, and still have not fully tested it).


I personally prefer to hook up my stand alone GPSr to my PDA.


Wyatt W.


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Hi Phantom4099, I was just curious if anyone else out there had a Navman unit. They are a little pricey when you add in the IPAQ and the other software. I just bought the new v2 software and took it out for a drive yesterday. I was impressed with the detail and the knowledge base. It had all the roads correct and even the back trails were there. I was impressed and surprised. The only complaint so far is that when I set a destonation, from my house it sends me on a round about way, in eighter shortest distance or fastest time. I never use the route it gives me because it isn't the shortest or the fastest, though it may seem so to the software. You should be able to overide and set more parameters. I am still playing with it so the jury is still out but so far I'm pleased. I also use Memory Map software on the home computer and in the IPAQ. They seem to complament each other. The NAVMAN seems to hold a signal real good even in thick woods. When you start the new software up it brings up the "I agree, I disagree" licence screen which is not to stable. It shouldn't be there after you set it up the first time. Hell, even at the wedding you only have to say " I DO " once, then you had beter!!! :~) :blink:

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