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Rino 130 Buyers Beware Until August

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I finally decided to buy a Rino 130. I looked around at the cheaper places...


Well, I tried ordering from offroute.com... Brian emailed me to say it would be towards the end of the month until I would get mine as they are waiting on a factory shipment... no big deal (great service from offroute, BTW).


I looked around and nobody had any in stock at a price under $300, except a few places... buy.com being one of them.


So I ordered from them, since they indicated I could have it in 3 days (1-2days to process, plus overnite). I ordered it, and it has now the order has been sitting "at the warehouse" for 3 days now... and no estimate on when it will ship. Now when I go to the product page, they are no longer saying "ships in 1-2 days" now it says "1-2 WEEKS".


So I guess the bottom line... if you need a rino 130 quickly, verify with a human that they actually have them and can ship them... seems that the discounters right now are all out for a week or so.


speaking of humans... NEVER buy from buy.com... they have great prices, but its nearly impossible to contact anyone except via email, which takes literally days.


Just a heads up....

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2 thumbs up for GPS discount. I've ordered from them several times without incident. They have respond prompty to pre-sale questions emailed to them a bunch of times and responded promptly the one time I had a post sale question. There prices are usually competitive if not the lowest everytime I've checked.

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