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Slow Week For Caching?

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As long as we're in a pluggin' mood, there are 4 caches in my neck of the woods that haven't been found yet, with 4 YJTBs in them (not each...collectively).


NFA-53 Rupert's Cash Cache


NFA-7 Hydrocache & Picnic Spot


NFA-21 Desert Island Bookswap


NFA-47 Woodland Hardware Store


Not to mention a total of 7 YJTBs within 20 miles of Lake Clear, NY (12945)...come and get'em!



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Well canoe caches tend to sit a while. My new hydro cache on Split Rock reservoir sat for a few days before the FTF and it hasn't had a find in a few weeks since.


I think with all the caches out there these days, a lot get ignored for a long time. My Goat House cache had a FTF the day after I placed it and it's another one that hasn't been found since...been almost a month now.

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