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I thought it might be good to start a thread to see how people are using USAPhotoMaps.


If you have suggestions, tricks, tips, etc., then just post them here.


I just downloaded the newest version and plugged in the coordinates for Seattle - It is cool to use the new Urban maps - can zoom in and see people represented as single pixels!


Here are some of the latest updates:

Version 2.30 July 15

Fixes a bug that occurs when changing zones while looking at urban area map.


Version 2.30 July 14

Other programs can access a GPS while USAPhotoMaps is open. It hasn't been tested on a Magellan, though.

Adds info about datums in Help -Using.


Version 2.29 July 8

Adds a small addition to GPS capability.

Changes track editing slightly.


Version 2.28 July 2

Cleans up the usual new-feature bugs.

You'll need to get BigJpeg 2.25 to work with this version.


Version 2.27 June 30

Adds a line to the Dialog Box that pops up if you press the X key. This line contains the URL address of the center of the screen in USAPhotoMaps, and if you copy and paste it into the address bar in your browser and go to it, you'll see in your browser what was on your screen in USAPhotoMaps (well, topos might look different because USAPhotoMaps only downloads 4 meter/pixel topos). The URL address can also be emailed.


Version 2.26 June 28

***Adds capability to download Urban Areas from Terraserver.***

If you're editing a track, and right click on a track point, speed as well as time is shown next to it.

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Is there a way to add a waypoint manually? I needed this functionality but I couldn't find it.


View | Goto Lat/Long


It will pop you to that location and then ask you for the Name of the coordinate and place a green dot on the spot.


Or if you are already there, click on the spot and it will ask you to name it.

I use that for finding better coordinates for 'scaled' benchmarks that show up as an X on the topo map. Gets me a little closer on with a GPSr than the 'scaled' coordinates do.

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One thing I use it for is to create tracklogs showing hiking trails so I can upload them to my eMap as some of the 10 'Saved Tracks'.


Just click on the trail as shown on either the aerial view or the topo map (whichever shows it better) to create a route with the desired level of detail. Then choose the option to convert the route to a track and upload it to the GPS receiver.


It's an easy way to add trails that don't appear in Garmin's Topo or MetroGuide maps.

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Has anyone had any luck getting BigJpeg to work? I am having no problems selecting the area I want to cover and creating the data file. However, when KI try to run BigJpeg.exe, I keep getting error messages telling me that I need to create the data file. I have everything (the .exe, the .dll, the data file and the image files) saved to the same directory as the instructions indicate I should. What am I doing wrong?

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