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Review Vacation

Reviewer Niatpac Nagrom
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Hi all!


Kopaka Nuva will be away for some mountain hiking and a scout camp 2+1 weeks (weeks 29, 30 and 32 - that's 12.-25.7. and 2.-8.8. ).


I'm also away from home and computer quite a lot during this month, at least between 15.-18.7. when I'm in Sweden with my family. We have also some other plans, but dates are still unclear.


So we arranged a backup reviewer who will help us during next weeks for Nordic & Baltic Countries. Some of you may remember him, he's erik88l-r.


In case of problems, please contact him, if you can't reach us.


Regards, Tahu Nuva & Kopaka Nuva

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When (if ever :mad:) LC caches will be allowed again, wouldn't it be great to have one with the following description:


Find a Legoland anywhere in the world, go to the LEGO toys and locate Olli. Stand next to him, let him hold your GPS and say "Terve Tahu!". Then take a picture of this and log the cache.


What about that one? <_<

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