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Geolympics 2004

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Recently, i checked out the program of the olympic games in Athens 2004. I was really disappointed when i found out that Geocaching was not there.


Something had to be done and the idea of Geolympics came up.


The basic idea is that over a time period (in this case during the olympics) the name of a random, and already existing, cache is released each day.


First finder after each cache is released gets a gold medal, second silver – and yes you guessed it: third place is a bronce.


I have set up a Geolympics website for a danish round of this game. Right now it is showing spanish caches as a test, but these will be changed with the real danish caches when the game starts. On the website a more detailed description of the rules is available.


You can see the Geolympics website here: http://www.aaboes.dk/geolympics


Please feel free to comment on the idea or copy it if you like it.


Note: This type of game does (unfortunately) not qualify as a cache listing on geocaching.com. It is some kind of “locationless” cache (on which there currently is a moratorium) or an event-cache (which requires a physical gathering of people).

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Im not 100percent on this but I think that orienteering is an olympic sport. Basically orienteering is an exact duplicate of caching without a GPS (using map & compass). It is my opinion that GPS takes too much of the "brainwork" out of the competition in an olympic sport.


Orienteering isn't an Olympic sport yet, but we're trying.


Orienteering is in the World Games (held every four years, one year after the Olympics; it's an Olympic-style festival for sports that are working toward inclusion in the Olympics).


For the Olympics themselves, the last I heard was that orienteering needed to be established, with National Governing Bodies and National Championships, in 75 countries. The country count is in the mid-50s currently. Getting the country count up only allows consideration for inclusion into the Olympics.


There are some political factors within the Olympics that are making it difficult to add anything to the Olympic program currently. The current political trend is toward shrinking the Olympics by eliminating sports and limiting the fields of the sports that remain. It helps to have big money sponsors and/or to have women play the sport while almost naked (both of which cover the additions of beach volleyball and triathalon, not that we in orienteering are bitter :lol: ).

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