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Benchmark Logging


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Sure...go for it! Benchmarking is for everyone to discover the history of an area. If you see someone else has logged it, all that means is you know its there. All the more reason to find it and log it.


The only thing I would NOT do is choose to report to the find to the NGS. Once is enough. But many logs are welcome on geocaching.com/mark! Maybe the person before you didnt take pictures?

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Can you go and find a benchmark that has already be found/logged by another user on the site like you do for traditional caches?

Of course. There are no limits of people that can FOUND/NOT FOUND a mark. If it gets found by 50 persons, each can log it. If 49 log a NOT FOUND, the fiftieth might actually find and photo it. That's the only thing we ask, just submit another photo of the mark to verify that you actually did find and see the mark. It's not a strict rule, but appreciated by some of us.

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Or maybe you could adde your GPS coordinate reading for a scaled mark. Thjings do change with time and with the seasons, thus photos in different seasons might be helpful for others? I look for marks that have been logged found by others and sometimes am unable to find them or vica-versa.

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