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Welcome aboard Larry!


I was out in Calgary the other week and got 2 caches in up at the north east end of town. You have a nice city, but it sure is flat - even compared to Toronto! :tired:



:unsure: Hay Larry I 've see your finds on local caches you will know your compleatly hooked when you are willing to get sooked trying to find a cache. (Go find "Sound of Music" to see what I meen)


:tired: Hay C-A Calgary is not any where near as flat as TO we got lots of hills you should have been looking west and south west at the rest of the city. :unsure:

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Welcome to the sport/obsession, Larry! :o Which cache was your first? I am insanely jealous that you're caching in Calgary. I stopped for a few on the way to Red Deer last summer (as well as scouting out the GPS Central Store :blink: ). Calgary ROCKS for GPS signal reception! Keep on cachin'!

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My first hunt was for By The Bow which turned into a No Find because after walking about 1.6km from Bowness we discovered the only place it could be was on an island in the middle of the Bow. I was right, it was. I wasn't too disappointed but got busy after that until I started my holiday on the 12th. Checked back and found some more to search for and found my first one just a short distance away from my back yard. Next day the wife and I took a 500+km round trip to the Banff area and back through Kanaskis country and found 4 out of 5. Then did another quick one last night that was near Deerfoot. So yeah, we're kind of hooked. Already placed a micro near the Bow and another one with my first TB south of town near the Bow I'm waiting approval on. The wife and I picked up some items for a kid friendly one we want to place as soon as we find the right spot.

gpscity.ca is even closer to me than gpscentral.

Thanks for all the feedback folks. It's only flat here if you look east. :blink:

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