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Local Guidelines For Making Webcam Caches...

Reviewer Niatpac Nagrom
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The legislation concerning the webcams has changed at least in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In all these countries there's some kind of privacy acts, that prevents keeping public webcams that can show detailed facial features. So, from now on we will approve also so called poor quality webcams in Norway, Sweden and Finland - and of course in other countries too, if there's similar legislation.


Anyway, it's very difficult to draw a line between what is too bad and what is acceptable web cam. But here's some basic guidelines :


- geocacher(s) must be as close to camera as possible


- the size of the geocacher(s) in the photo must be big enough to to see his face and hands, but not detailed facial features. That is to say that the adult human size in the photo must be at least about 20% of the webcam picture height. See example below:




- geocacher(s) must be asked to hold up a banner, form a human pyramid, do phooning, stand in form of letter X, or do something else to make up for the fact that you can't make out their face.


- the submitted photos must be the original photos downloaded from the webcam, without any modification.


Please inform about this change in your local forums.


Regards, Tahu Nuva & Kopaka Nuva

Volunteer Cache Reviewers

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