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Midlands Meet Ii


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Due to popular (?) demand, I'm once again asking for who is interested in coming to a Midlands Meet.

It will be at The Worston Mill at Great Bridgeford near Stafford. Maps are...




It's a massive pub which serves good food (no real ale though Seasider :unsure:) and has got a very large beer garden.


Only problem is the date. I've narrowed it down to one of the Sundays in August or Bank Holiday Monday at the end. For easy reference these are...

8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th or 30th (Bank Holiday).

Is anyone interested and if you are, which date would be best?



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Erm... I don't know... I'm beginning to think that I'm maybe not the best person to organise an event :)


Don't worry Marc :D, it's a case of OTET :D (On The Event Training). It'll all come together for you, the worst part is the night before the event, when your wondering, "how many are going to turn up"! :D On the day of the event you'll be overwhelmed by the No's that turn up.


Dave 1 event under starters orders, and 1 ready to go for approval :unsure:

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Ok, I'm just going to come up with a day tomorrow sometime and you can like it or lump it! ;)


That's the spirit!


You can postpone something for ever because you can't please everyone on the date. Suffice to say the sad people with no life will be there whatever the date. Who? Us?





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Ok, I'm just going to come up with a day tomorrow sometime and you can like it or lump it! B)


Has this been the most quoted quote ever?!


What this one ;)


I should just go for it and pick a date that suits you (as long as its the 22nd B) ), cos you wont please everyone.

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