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San Joaquin County Geocachers


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Greetings Peter (CacheCows209). You're way welcome on the CVC thread (Central Valley Cachers). It's kind of centered around Stockton, Manteca, Tracy, Modesto, Patterson but not limited to those areas. To be a CVC member, I think you just need to live or cache (or chat with us). In fact, since you live in San Joaquin County... you're already in! :) Welcome!


P.S. Nice bio-picture. I'll get the bar-b-que going 'cause she's looking a little chilly. :unsure:

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You CANT cook my cow!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;)

Oh, sure you can. They cook up real good. That is unless your cow has a name. ;) I don't BBQ pets! :D


I've heard rumblings of a gathering but nothing too serious yet. It is that time though.


Just kidding about your cow.

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Well its about time I step up to the plate also. Been lurking for a bit, in and out. I normaly use the GPS for 4-Wheeling but tried geocatching a few times and truly enjoyed it ;) . Its one thing to find an intersection on a trail but entirley different trying to find one of those dang 35mm canisters, still haven't got the feel down on how to hunt those suckers.


Anyway, I'll pop in from time to time ;)



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Hey all you San Joaquiners,

I found the CVCTag!!! cache yesterday and brought it to Stockton for a while. It's a fun type of cache. Hope you all get a chance to find and hide it. Then we should move it back to Stanislaus County.

Hope everyone is enjoying my new series of caches along the Brookside Trail. Just remember to take water and/or walk it in the cooler part of the day. It gets really hot out there.

We'll be going camping next week and have planned a fun activity for the kids: a mini geocaching seminar. We'll set up and plant a series of temporary caches then give the oldest ones GPSers and let them try to find the caches. The kids range in age from 3 to 12, so it should be a lot of fun.

Happy camping, -Laura :laughing:

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to finsish my thought on the subject...perhaps we could utilize oak grove park with a huge multi...or perhaps use that other stretch of land that the troop used..or use white slough......possibilities are endless......


timed event course?

no event course?

lets get some feedback...OF I and RyanCTek can do this..(if OF is up to the task)....as well as any others...Ohh Yah JeepySR and Ron Streeter and B-Dog and tophee



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