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Wellsville Cachers' Luncheon 7/17/04

Olf D'Coors
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We know that this is short notice, but a bunch of cachers are getting together this Saturday for lunch at Bloomers (5 miles North of Wellsville (NY) on Rte 19). This is also the weekend for the Wellsville balloon rally, so come on out, see the launching of hot air balloons, then head on over for lunch with fellow cachers! We are trying to get this lunch approved as an event cache on geocaching.com.


This lunch is open to all cachers and anyone else that would like to learn more about caching. Please help us spread the word.


For more information, email: geocaching@adelphia.net



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If it wasn't the day before my event on LI I would love to check out the balloon rally and have lunch with fellow cachers. If someone goes to the balloon rally, snap a picture or two of a RE/MAX balloon for me. Thanks!!! ;)


Between Letchworth SP and Dansville NY, the RE/MAX is one of MANY balloons that I always see RIGHT above my house... B)

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This event was turned down last Saturday by the approver because, as I understand it, they interpreted the event as being the balloon rally. However, on the submitted event cache page, it stated that this was a lunch for cachers and anyone interested in learning more about caching. It also stated to bring travel bugs for exchanging, that there would be information on local caches, and that possibly even a one day cache placed for the event. We tried to make this event in conjunction with the Wellsville balloon rally in hopes that it would lead to a larger turnout for the luncheon.


Not wanting to give up, on Sunday I posted a reply on the submitted event cache page, and even directly emailed the same response to the approver. I told them that I'd be happy to re-write the page however they wanted it. As of yet, there has been no response. This has been extremely frustrating!


All of us involved with the planning of this luncheon still want to have it regardless of whether or not this event is officially approved. We are still having it and I'm sure that it will be a great time. It's just unfortunate that the turnout will undoubtably be affected.


Still, we hope folks will come and share in good food and stories. The coordinates for Boomers restaurant are:


N 42° 10.810 W 077° 58.810

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Just got back from helping balloonpilot and chickenlips launch and chase their balloon on this beautiful Friday night. While there, ran into a number of other cachers that indicated they would be at the luncheon tomorrow. Looks like we could possibly expect 20-30 cachers at the luncheon. Had a great time talking to everyone tonight about our caching experiences, and looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. Anyone wanting to attend the luncheon is welcome to show up without any advanced notice. Again, the luncheon is Saturday, 1:00pm-4:00pm at Boomers. Please come out and join us!

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BerkMom and I showed up around 3:30 - 4:00pm and there was no one there!!!! :blink:

The owner said that some cacher had been there but had left already :o

Wish we would have known you folks were going to cut it short, we might have pushed harder to get there earlier!

We did leave behind 3 NYGO poker chips at Boomers however, 2 are hidden inside the gameroom and one is hidden outside near the front door, feel free to grab them next time your there!

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