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Need Photos For Geocaching Screensaver

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For those of you who have not seen my screensavers a quick explanation: Periodically I collect photographs from fellow Geocachers and compile them into a Windows screensaver. This will be the fourth release of 'Hidden Treasure'.


I do not charge any money for the screensaver and will even post it free of charge to contributors. Otherwise I will place it in caches as a swap with the expectation that the CDs will be moved on to another cache once the screensaver has been loaded.


Here's what I'm looking for:


- UK and Ireland caches only


- Just views- no Pics of caching teams (although that may be the theme of a later screensaver)


- Photos taken from April 04 onwards


- Please label the images with <Cache waypoint><space><Cache Name>. for example 'GC1234 A Climb up a hill.jpg'


- Please do not reduce the photos quality. I have broadband so I am happy to receive large files


If you are a contributor I will be happy send you the end product by Email or post you a CD-ROM. If you want a CD-ROM I will need your Name and Address. Otherwise I will provide a download URL.





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Do you want the label actualy -on- the photo image, or clearly marked alongside the photo in the email? I can do either pretty well, was just wondering if the program that makes the screensaver sticks the labels on top itself. I found one of your savers last year in a cache :unsure: I like just sitting and watching them sometimes

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I've collated the photos and I am creating a waypoint file for all the caches that are included. This has proved a little time consuming but it is great to see where the included caches actually are (were in some cases unfortunately).


I have some gaps in the maps however:

-I have no photos for North Wales

-I have no photos for Northern Ireland

-I have no photos for Leeds all the way North to Dumfries is empty,

-I have no photos for Norfolk too.

-The Highlands are also looking pretty sparce. There is some great scenery here!


I an also lacking in Urban shots near caches too so if anybody has some good pic s they would really be appreciated.


So far I have photos of 81 caches. I will produce the Cd when I get to 100.


I have all the addresses of to contributors who have supplied them so they will recieve CDs as soon as I am done.


Feel free to duplicate and use as cache gifts.


Many thanks.



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***I have enough pics now! Many thanks for the contributions***


There are some really excellent photos from all over England, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.


It will be a large install though- I estimate over 100Mb of pics -about 150 pics in all!!!


Sorry I cannot reply individually to to Emails with contributions (I've alway wanted to say that!).


I recon it will be two weeks or so before the Screensaver is ready (I am on holiday in N. Yorks National Park next week so I will complete it when I return).


All contributors who have provided pics will get a CD in the post after I have re-mortgaged my house <_<


I am a little concerned about making sure plenty of copies are available in the North so if I cannot host the file I will post it to a number of volunteers spread accross the North who have CD Burners so they can duplicate it and use it as a swap.





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