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I Hit The Big 50 Today


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first offI want to congratulate everyone on the records. they say and from experience I can say the first 100 are the hardest. after that you learn the ropes of routing and laying out where and what you like to hunt and you start to get the numbers up. as far as have you made it, if you are enjoying what you doing then you have made it.

the federation

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I hear what you all are saying and understand it but we all know there are certain people whom we all respect for one reason or another in the geocaching community. For me it is CYBRET. I don't know why, the numbers have something to do with it along with his dedication to the sport. I guess like in any other sport or aspect of life, when do you know you have made it? Is it really in your own eyes or is there a number or time figure. I have heard "oh that guy has a million finds but he is retired and has nothing better to do." I have heard " I am hooked on geocaching but that guy is like an addict or something, I don't know what is going on with him." I guess I just posted this in the forum because to me I found my 50th and was D*&% proud of it. I look forward to doubling that in the next 2 months. It took me 3 months to get 50 and want to get my next 50 in 2 months. ( I may or may not but that is my goal.) When I started I thought getting 100 in a year would be great, but geocaching has trully changed my life. I have forever longed for a hobby. Nothing seemed to spark my interest. I almost thought I had A.D.D. or something. I would start something and it would fall to the wayside. Geocaching has given me something that encompesses me. I just want to go out and do it. I take someone new out and they yell at the top of their lungs "I FOUND IT" and I am like SSSHHHHHHHHHH be quiet don't tell the county what is going on. I love this game / sport and am glad you all do too. In my eyes for lack of better words I became a man. (In geocaching terms that is) I guess I set my own number for what makes you as a geocacher. Happy caching to all of you and I hope your next cache you find a million dollars or a MCtoy that makes you laugh at the least. KRN187

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Ok here's the truth of it... Numbers mean absolutly nothing! You can't compare apples to oranges. One geocacher may work 75 hours a week on shift work and find 1-2 a month, while another might be a college kid who geacaches instead of writing their papers or geocaches all summer when there off... It would be very easy for someone with less of a demand on their time to obtain higher numbers. I myself am a newbie... I found my first cach on July 2, 2004 I've found 7 caches in 10 days... at this rate I'd reach 255 in a year.... that would be pretty impressive, but... I am also a husband and father of two beautiful daughters (one of which caches with me... she's 5) and my time must be spent wiselyand I will never reach that number or keep up this pace, but that doesn't make me less serious about the sport. Numbers cannot dictate who is the best or who is serious... Thats just my honest opinion


Patman of Dynamic-Duo

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I was hooked instantly but it took a 'Cookbook' cache to get the Mrs. to get hooked.


My loose defination of a geocacher is one who has the ambition to go where he or she hasn't been before being led by a piece of battery-powered equipment built with the cheapest components available.


I'm a geocacher. :unsure:

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zero, you're a geocacher when you are looking for your first one :)

I have to agree that this is the case. I believe that you ARE a Geocacher as soon as you realize what it is you are going to seek, and go seek it!


I think in my case, I worked out all the quirks of Geocaching after around 15-20 caches. The "Fever" is still evident for me at 86 however!!!


No but really...


I believe you are not a geocacher until you are fording a medium sized river in just your underwear somewhere in Ontario Canada in the middle of November!! :unsure:

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I"ve been caching around 5 months and I just passed the five-oh mark this weekend at my first cache event. We cached a bit afterward too. I didn't even realize I had passed fifty til I was finished logging them in. It's kind of cool to get past the 50 point and yet it was so non-monumental for me that I didn't notice that it was upon me til it passed.

Can you tell it's not about the numbers for me? :unsure:

As for knowing when you have "arrived" as a cacher....well, I still feel like a newbie, especially after seeing some of the hides at the event. I learn something each time I cache.

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Congratulations krn187, I don't think it's an actual number of finds that makes you a "real" geocacher. I think it's that feeling you get right after you find your very first one :unsure: As long as you have that feeling, your a full fledged member of the herd.



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