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:( For everyone using a Garmin Etrex, or any GPS with AA batteries... which bateries last longer? I use "Heavy Duty" bateries and they don't seem to last long at all... :(

I use recheargeable these days. Definitely cuts the cost down. I can't tell you if some brands last longer then others as I've only tried one type.


However regarding regular batteries, it doesn't matter. You are better off buying the Albertson's brand or some generic brand then the National ones. They are all the same and the extra expense is due to advertising. Read this in Consumer's reports some time back. Go wiht the lowest price.

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Another vote for Maha 2300s. They give superb length of life and show little deterioration in life after severe mistreatment (top-up charges, etc). Their new chargers are excellent showing no heat build-up and a nice trickle charge to keep betteries ready to go without over-charging. I keep a bank of 4 chargers running all the time for all the toys I use (gps, frs, etc)

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I usually use Rayovac 15-minute rechargeables in my 76 CS and eTrex Legend before that. Get about 12-18 hours of caching out of them if you don't use the backlight much. This is about the same as I get out of Duracell, Energizer and Radio Shack alkaline batteries.


The batteries cost about $14 (CDN) a pair, and to get 15 minute charging you have to buy a rayovac charger ($60 (CDN), comes with a pair of batteries), but it's worth it to just slap the batteries in for 15 minutes and go.


You can buy these at Future Shop, and probably radio shack. The charger will also charge 1-hr rechargables in an hour and regular rechargeables at the regular rate.

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Ikea sells a 10pk of AA's for about $1.99. I get 4 packs every time I go. The GPS gets them first., then on to flashlights and remote controls and other more brutish devices. I never paid much attention, but I get around 10 hours in the Venture. Last weekend I installed a cable to power the unit from the car, and aso to deliver the serial data to a cable in the glovebox for wardriving. Been thinkinh about some 23oo rechargables...

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Here's some more info, including short reviews on NiMH rechargables that I found informative.



Sure it's a digicam site, but it's still relevant. :anibad:


It is important to note that NEW NiMH batteries need to be cycled 3-5 times before they hold a FULL charge. This doesn't mean charged 3-5 times in a row but rather over the first 3-5 cycles the batteries will hold a better charge each time until they take a full charge.
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I've been using Duracells and Energizers in my Explorist 200 and have gotten fairly long life from them. This last weekend I used rechargable nickel hydites and the accuracy of my unit was way off and erratic. I don't know if the batteries had anything to do with it but when I put alkalines back in the unit responded better. A friend thinks that may be possible because the rechargables actually have a lower voltage than alkalines (about 1.2vcompared to 1.5v) I do know that a friends Garmin E-Trek has a window for setting the type of battery used. I cannot find this on the explorist.

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The Energizer Lithiums are $16.50 for 12 at Sams Club. I've finally realized that though expensive, they just last so much longer in a digital camera to be worth it.


For the GPSrs we use energizer rechargeables. The batteries (8 of them switched around in 2 magellan and 1 garmin unit) are 18 months old and still work & take a charge just fine. When charged we put a rubber band around them. When discharged they're loose. I didn't expect them to last this long, am real pleased.

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I recently discovered a new Duracell called ProCell. Found them in an office supply catalog and tested them against the Duracel Ultra. With my GPS 60C left on continuously the Ultras lasted right at 24 hrs while the ProCells went to 26 hrs before shutdown. Odd thing is that on the ProCell package it states "Not For Resale". Anyone else run across these?

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I usually use Dollar General alkalines. Their "heavy duty" batteries last only about 4 hours, but their alkalines go more than a full day in my yellow Etrex. The reason I tried them to begin with: $2.50 for an 8 pack. Never had a problem with one of them leaking out of probably 100 or so used over the past year in various toys for the kids, remote controls and my GPSr. Kinda wish they made larger packs, like 24 or 36.


I now have a combination cigarette lighter/data cable and always use it when in the car. Can't remember the last time I changed batteries.

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Here's the lowdown on batteries:


- Lithiums - best choice! work in cold weather unlike alkalines. however, they're expensive but last a looooong time.


- Heavy Duty - non-alkaline, cheap to manufacture, hold very little charge


- Alkalines - good standard choice, but stay away from warehouse stores (Walmart, Sams). Alkalines need to be stored at particular temps and these stores make no effort.


- Rechargeables - look for highest mAh rating. radioshack has some 15 min rechargeables that are expensive but work great, plus they've got 2000 mAh which amounts to long lasting batteries.


Just my FYI. =) Worked at Radioshack for tooooo long during college. Hope this helps.


~ Nate

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I use sanyo recargable 2300mAh batteries, I also use a car adapter for my gps when in the car. The best thing that I have for a gimick is I carry two alkaline batteries in a chapstick holder that I got at Walmart. It holds two batteries pretty securly. Since my GPS, D-Camera both only use two AA This works great.



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Went to Home Depot yesterday to buy the Energizer recharger. $80 including tax for the mid-grade model with four 1850 AA batteries. Give me a break! That is what I will spend in normal Energizers to get about 1500-2000 hours of on-trail time with my GPSMap 60 CS. Given I will spend maybe 5 hours a week on-trail, it would take almost 5-8 years to spend that much on batteries!

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whenever i put charged batteries into my gps it says they only have 3/4 power, but i bring back ups and it is still so much cheaper than buying new batteries :anicute:

If you're using a Garmin 60 series, change the battery type to NiMH from Alkaline... that will correct the error in the battery gauge. Other GPS's might have a similar setting.

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I visit one site that installed new software, and the obscenity filter was set so high that you couldn't talk about going to mass on Sunday, or about mowing the grass, or anything else that had a** anywhere in the word. The owner decided that it was a little too restrictive. Looks like this one won't allow 'hit'. :grin:

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I generally use NiMH in my yellow etrex, 76CS and GPS V, along with several other things. I pick up the batteries at Hamfests in the area. A few years ago I was picking up 1800 mAHr AA for about $1.50 and a conditioning recharger with wall wart and car plug with 4 batteries was going for under $20.00.


Okay I know that the NiMH batteries do not last as long as good alklines, but I carry a set of replacements with me while I'm out and start with fresh batteries that morning. Normally the batteries will out last me, unless I forget to change them out before hitting the road. As I use these for most everything that need AA or AAA I always have a set handy to recharge.


A couple notes on NiMH: first is that they do not store charge long, I beleive the figure quoted is 30% of the charge is lost in a month. Meaning if you do not recharge then and toss a charge set in your caching bag and plan on using them a month later you are already a third done. Second they are almost as bad as alkalines when it gets cold. This winter I am going to try some of the Lithium cells to see how the perform, either that or I will rig a power pack to wear under my coat and just plug the GPSr in to that via a cord, I've had to do this with a few other things (radios and cameras) in extreme cold weather.

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This and this are the two 15-minute chargers with batteries sold at RadioShack. Each one comes with a set. There is also this interesting new one, a lithium-ion battery, designed for a digital camera that takes a CRV3 battery (two AA's) here. I'm curious how well it would work in devices (GPSr) that use two AA's. I'd imagine it would work fine as long as the batteries are close enough together. I'd love to have the benefits of lithium ion. No damage, even from top-offs, can leave it on the charger w/o damage, crazy fast recharge time, etc.
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Where can I get a 8 pack of duracell for $6-$8?!?!?!?!?! Here in Barrie, Ontario a 4 pack of duracells cost $5.99! <_<

If you're talking $5.99 canadian, they're about the same price since that $8 was American.



I use Digital Batteries. They last longer.


PLUS, here's a tip for everyone--- use new batteries in high end electronics that chew through them; GPSrs, DVD players, etc.... But then when they quit working in those, save them for things like the TV remote, the clock, etc, that doesn't chew them so much.


Why throw away batteries that will last for a year in a clock just because it won't power your battery eaters anymore?

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I use two sets of rechargables (NiMh). When those go out (I usually get almost a half a days of constant use), I have four sets of other nonrechargeable batteries - Duracell alkaline batteries.


If I'm on a trip, I bring along the charger and only use the alkaline batteries in a pinch.


If you're a hardcore all day cacher, look for rechargable batteries that have the highest mAh (milliamp hours). This essentially tells you the charging capacity of the battery.


Keep in mind that NiMh loose their charge over time even when your GPS is not on! So if you are an occasional cacher, you should plan and charge your batteries the day before.

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And buy a charger that includes Trickle charge mode if you are an occasional cacher. Just leave batteries in there.


Of course, I get upset because I need 3 AA batteries, so I sort of have a odd amount just sitting around. I use the Energizer NiMH, and got some of the 2300 mAh at Christmas for my stocking stuffer. My son uses the Rayovac 15-minute charge models, but he uses the batteries for more than just his GPS. But, we are a 3 GPS family and will soon be a 4 GPS family, all Rino's.

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