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New Gargellan Gm1000

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This GPS would have 256 megs of internal memory, SD-Card slot CF card Slot, 320x480 color display, and be the size of the map 76 series, or Meridian series. IT would have BlueTooth, Serial, and USB ports, and be upgradable too. Also the ability to slip on Rubber skins of different colors to protect the GPS. This GPS would slip into a mount in an aircraft or a Boat, or be portable at only 10 onces of weight. You would be able to slip in a 2 gigabyte IBM Microdrive into the CF slot too. This would also have motion sensors in it to determine if you are standing still or moving.


--------END of Statement about NEW GPS IDEA----------


Would This be enough for the new GPS, or what would you like for features in the GPS GM1000?

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Gotta have the Octo Helix antenna with an MCX external antenna jack!


Sub-meter accuracy BEFORE post-processing


IPX-10 Waterproof!


The motion sensors would allow you to continually navigate during extended periods of signal loss.


The unit would interface with your car's steering column to drive the car for you (on a route it auto-generated).


Lasts 60 hours on 1 AAA NiMH battery (while autodriving during an extended period of loss of signal).


Play/Burn/Rip DVDs & MP3s


Satellite Telephone


Instant Messaging & Away Messaging




Funny thing is that in about 10 years, it'll probably be like that! :D

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Additional features:


Makes your coffee

Trains your dog

Does your laundry

Cleans your apartment

Shops for your groceries


Seriously guys, what you described here is such a beast, I would never buy a unit like that. It's not a GPS, its a PDA on steroids.

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