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Gps Inaccuracy Under High-tension Powerlines

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I just placed a cache directly beneath about a zillion volts of high-tension powerlines, you know, the ones that stretch for miles across the country, suspended from tall metal towers . . . the ones that emit a 'buzzing' sound and fry raptors.


Anyway, I got good (read the exact same) GPS readings three times at the cache location. I'm concerned though, that since this cache requires a fairly strenuous hike with a vertical climb of over 1000 feet, that finders may get inaccurate reading beneath the powerlines due to magnetic fields, etc. (like your AM radio does). I want finders to be able to find this one without a lot of trouble due to the hike.


Anybody ever have a problem locating a cache underneath high-tension powerlines? (please don't say Yes, so I have to climb all the way up there to move it :( )





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