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Streets And Trips / Mapquest Convert

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Ok I am sure that this has been brought up before but I cannot seem to find anything on it. I am going on a business trip out of state and I am trying to find a good way to look up street address points on either streets and trips or mapquest. And convert them to gps cords that my 60cs can use.


Streets and Trips gives me gps cords but they are in a different format, and I can't seem to find a way for mapquest to give me any cords.


I do not have cityselect or anything like that, that would make this tons easier. So i am kind of limited.


Thanks for your help.



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Yeah, that's a bit of a missing link with Streets & Trips. This page includes a link to st2gpx, a free program which will take a saved S&T waypoint file and convert it to GPX. You can then use GPSBabel or a host of other programs to move those waypoints into your GPSr.

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