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Please Don't Kiss It.

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OK, you write the caption.


This is the second in my "Older Gentlemen Kissing Rocks while Geocaching" series of you write the caption threads.


This is actually from a cache of mine called Frog something-or-other. The interesting part is that Nudecacher took one of his famous poses right in the same spot. Don't look for it if you are uptight and easily offended. (PG13 if you reeeeeally want to stretch it.) I think it's cool.



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"Re-inacting an ancient Druid ritual gave Ian extaordinary super-powers and led him to dedicate his life to fighting crime in New York. Unfortunately the 'stone frog' story got him laughed out of the Justice League and he eventually returned to Britain where he sells postcards and lives on the Dole."

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