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Fraser Valley Caching


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Must be the start of summer or something. We have been having a nice little flurry of new caches coming out in the Eastern Fraser Valley. Great job everybody! It always gets my heart pumping when I see those new caches coming out. Just wanted to say thanks to all who have spent the time and money to put these new hides out there. Thanks to DocMagoo, Team MJDJ, Zuuk, and many others. :laughing:

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I'm headed out there tomorrow to hit a bunch of these new ones including Doc's "Those That Came Before" -- particularly since that will be my 400th as well as Zuuks!


Thanks for all the new caches guys, we're looking forward to a fun day tomorrow.

From December 26/03 to July 10/04.....400 caches! You go, girl!....If I woulda known, I would have placed the 400th goodies in there for you too!

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