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Caches In Kitsap County


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Over the last couple of years I have dedicated myself to improving the caching situation over here in Kitsap County. In my beginnings of caching, there were only about 5 or 6 caches around here and W7WT became my mentor. The very first cache I found was his, and I did it without a GPS, because I didn't own one then.


With help from W7WT, plus my own self interest, I decided to start Geocaching, which has become rather addictive. It has become a passion with me and I have taken a personal interest in improving this area. To the best of my knowledge, there are over 130 caches over here now, but I'm not about to try and count them. I'll leave that job up to you and then you can let me know the tally.


The reason for this message is simply this. Things can always be improved, no matter how good you might think it is already. Therefore, I want to hear some comments and suggestions from geocachers inside and outside of Kitsap County.


Unfortunately, creating a Geocaching Shuttle Service is not on my agenda, but I will accept outside financing and fuel contributions. I've offered my services as a Geocaching Guide for this area, at the cost of being a Class A Heckler, but I refuse to be your Sherpa and carry your provisions.


Complaints are also welcome, but keep your crude comments to a dull roar, since children might be reading them. If I am your focus of attention, I welcome it. Afterall, I can be a real PIA sometimes!


Local Geocachers are also welcome to express their comments regarding their plans for the future of Geocaching in Kitsap County.



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