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Visiting Toronto And Algonquin


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I'm coming to Toronto for 3 weeks' vacation this weekend... we've also got a few days booked in Algonquin Provincial Park (near the south-western entrance).


Would appreciate any pointers for interesting caches in either area. If they are teen-friendly (if that exists) then so much the better. My terrain limit is about 3*.


Also, if any GC meets are planned in that time, and you have room for one or two more people...


Thanks for any ideas !


Nick in France

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My favourite caching, hiking and mountain biking areas near Toronto are north and north-west of the city. Here the caches tend to be more of a hike to get to. Let us know what you normally go for and I'm sure we can make some specific suggestions. I think most every cache is teen friendly, and kid friendly for that matter, in this area.


I can do an "unofficial" pubnite afore Annie's.




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Here are a few I've done in Algonquin that were fairly good hikes.


GC151B - Algonquin Lookout South Trail


GCDAC - Algonquin Track and Cache


GC85D - Algonquin On Foot > I was unable to find this one when I visited the Park but it looks like it's recently been replaced.


Both are along Hwy 60 through the South end of the park. (You can get a good idea by hitting the mapquest map link on the cache page(s) and zooming out one level).



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Don't forget that you are not allowed to hide caches in Ontario Parks. Some are there but before you look for I would confirm by logs that the cache is still there as some have been removed by parks staff.



Too bad more Park employees aren't of this mind set .



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Nice 52 caches in a trip, that's pretty sweet.



Well, about 15 were locationless or virtual, plus I found "SpyCam" which is a sort of combination webcam and virtual cache in Germany, when I couldn't sleep early one morning due to jet lag :o


The nearest unfound cache to my home (apart from the last one I placed) is 43km away, so the relative density of caches in the Toronto area was a big help.

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