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Oregon Geocoins

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I have quite a few people on the waiting list for coins and think that it is about time to put the word out for another pressing. I am almost certain that the 500 coin mark will not be an issue this time so we get the lower price. However, last time around I vastly underestimated the customs cost and it cost me. I did have a few folks that were gracious enough to help me absorb this cost, but I learned. This time around the cost will be $2.05 per coin. That is $1.76 (with current US/Canadian exchange rate, actual cost may vary based on the excange rate in 14 days) for the coins, $60 for shipping to me, and $85 for the customs cost. If we would like to get the nice Air-Tite cases for then then add $0.30, but we have to get them for all 500 to get this price. Shipping from me to you, if required, will be extra and I will quote that to each person who is unable to meet me in Portland for delivery. So vote for the cases and email me your desired coin count if you would like some. I will run this for 10 days and then close the orders so I can get the process moving with Pressed Metal. At the end of 10 days I will begin collecting fund via check or paypal (preffered). If you would like pay when you order let me know and I will email you my address, or you can click the the link in my gc.com profile to paypal the funds to me.

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Is this a hard case for each individual coin you're talking about?

Yes Dave they are. In bulk from Air-Tite they are $70 for 250 of them. I got some a while back and they went over real big with the folks that split the order with me. A lot of work to case up that many coins, but well worth the effort when it comes to preserving them.

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[if all moves as planned and all funds are collected promptly they should be mid-august.


If we send in our money now, Will there be notifications along the way? I don't like paying for something so far in advance and then not hearing from somebody for months.


But enough of my whining, sounds great and put me down for 4 with cases (I sent an email to you Bazzle)

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I vote for the cases...

Great, but I do not seem to have an order from you. Did I lose an email?

Doh! I knew there was something I forgot to do!


Must have something to do with switching back and forth between day shift and night shift 5 times in two weeks!


Anyway, the check's in the mail... Or the order's in the e-mail... or... something... is... somewhere... ?


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

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Allright Bazzle the money has been sent and you should be getting an email about it soon. I look foward to receiving the coins.


If you would PLEASE PLEASE keep me informed, as best as possible, when shipped that would be REALLY REALLY appreciated!!



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