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Greater Seattle Area Cachers


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:laughing: Pandora.... your Seahawks avatar is just way too cool! Save that for next year.


Mr. WD and I have lived here since forever. It took so, so many years to get a pro-football team of our own. Now we have one. And they are GOOD! I'm so proud of them. Just making it to the S.B. is enough for me!


Ms. WD


We missed out on a sunny Sunday of caching. But it was so worth it to spend quality time with our wonderful family. :o

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I don't live here permantly. I wish the Ellensburg area cachers would hid more caches here. I am about to run out of caches to find within a reasonable distance from my apt.


I know what you mean. Are you able to travel to CleElum or Roslyn? There are some good caches there. Also if you can get to Yakima. Lot's of caches there.

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