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Ultra-portable Pc's Look Promising

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I think that's what gonna kill the PDA market. Highend PDA's, where manufacturers make their money were approaching lower end notebook prices. Same goes for some of the more expensive portable DVD players. As PC's shrink and can run the standard OSes, I think we'll all benefit. Of course, I'd like to spend as little as possible, so a PC device that fits in my pocket for $400 would be nice.

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The problem with these things and PDA's in general is screen size and lack of keyboard. It's not much more than a toy if you can't see or input data in an easy fashion.


Long live the 12" notebooks! :(


The device in the article has USB ports so fitting a full sized or mini-keyboard(great for field use) is do-able.



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There are portable keyboards available. I have one for my Palm, and it folds up to a size just larger than the Palm. Those things are looking promising to me. I don't want a huge notebook with a huge screen, but there isn't much available in the size I want, which is < 12", easily carryable. Something smaller could work. We'll see.

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Depends on what you want I guess. Personally, I want a bigger screen and keyboard when in the field (but the field is usually a client or hotel room for me). A laptop is fine for me. Yes, extendable keyboards could be bought and used for such small pocket pc's, but that's more trouble then whipping out the laptop.


When on the road, the Treo 600 works fine for email, directory lookups, or if I need to see a website.


Guess we'll see what the future has in store..

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I agree that different people have different needs, and what works for one won't work for everyone. I use my Palm and keyboard for taking notes in meetings, etc, and I've been in meetings where everyone else had a laptop. I can assure you that I had my Palm and keyboard set up and running before the laptop users had theirs booted, usually before they got everything out of the case. It's your money, so spend it on what makes you happy. :P

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