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Bison Tubes - Stencils - Tb Tags - Rubber Stamps

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Okay, Sissy sez it's time to put this in the Garage Sale, so here it is:


Sissy-n-CR's Store


Take peek. We've got stencils for marking your containers, TB instruction tags and Goal Tags to help your TB on its way, Bison Tubes at a fair price, we can burn your image into a rubber stamp, and a few more things.


Sissy is my "shipping department" and she sez she's bored. Let's keep her busy.

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What are your shipping charges to AK?

At this point in time shipping within the US, Canada, and Mexico is included in price. All orders are sent USPS.


Because we charge so little we ask for a $1.50 handling charge for orders under $10. In other words, if your item total is over $10 no other charges are added.


Of course, this is subject to change if we run into problems shipping internationally.

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The store lists Bison tubes in black and green. We have a few in other colors, first come first serve. Just send an e-mail with your order.


Small bison tubes:

4 red

2 copper


Large bison tubes:

2 gold


These cannot be lasered, there is not enough contrast for the graphic to show up well.


CR can custom laser the tubes also (within reason). One cacher had us make some custom tubes to commemorate his 500th find.


A note on the card-stock stencils: Craft stores sell a spray adhesive for stencilling. You spray it on the back of the stencil instead of using tape. The stencil comes right off when you are done and there is less chance of underspray if you are heavy-handed with the paint like I am.



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So should each item be ordered individually to keep your shipping dept. annoyed / busy? :(


Ok, but my real question is about the stamps.

2sq inchs is a shape about 1.4" by 1.4", right? And will you help people that are horriable at photoshoping? :P

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2sq inchs is a shape about 1.4" by 1.4", right? And will you help people that are horriable at photoshoping? :(

Yes. Whether you want it square or rectangular, just multiply the height by the width to get the square inches. No, I'm not a stickler about 2.1 sq in being another buck or anything. Around 2 sq in is fine, while around 3 sq in is another buck, and so on.


Yes, I can help those who need help. But you can also freehand the image, too! Your caching handle 'signed' in your own hand makes a good image. Shoot me an email with what you got, I'll take a look at it and get back with you.

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And can you make the stamps round to stamp on a 2" round wooden disk?

Absolutely! I can make them in practically any shape imaginable.


I can make them huge--the sheets I get are about the size of a sheet of regular paper--to tiny. When I mean tiny I mean so small than they can fit in practically any micro including bisons or Altoids strips!

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If you are like me and absolutely can not figure how to get your picture on the computer, drop me a line and I can give you our address. If you can put your idea on paper and mail it, CR can scan it and make a stamp. (I'll also talk him into sending you an attachment via e-mail of the image so you can use it for your avatar and stuff.) Line drawings work very well. Draw it big, and he will reduce it. Gray shading does not turn out well.




Edit: spelling


Can you tell we have 2 computers? :(

Edited by Sissy-n-CR
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If we buy travel bug tags from you,do we also have to buy the tags from geocaching.com? Does yours have all the things on it as the geocaching.com tags have?

We don't sell Travel Bug tags. We sell Travel Bug instruction tags. These are a supplement to the TB tags explaining what they are and what to do with them. By clicking on "graphic" under the image on our page it shows you what they say.


You must buy an official Groundspeak Travel Bug tag to track a hitch hiker here on gc.com.

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Went to your store and liked what I saw. I'm new to the sport but loving it. I want to order a stamp but paypal is not working right now. Was advised to try again later. Do I email you my image separately? Also, and this is just a pet peeve from an English teacher so don't take it seriously ;) On your homepage the alot should be two words - a lot. There is no such word as alot.

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Yes, email the image seperately.


If you are producing the image on the computer, produce it very large. It must be lineart, no shades of gray. BMP, GIF, TIFF, or low compression JPG all work. EPS raster files and CorelDraw 10 or earlier versions work, too.


I need a tutorial for this on my site, but haven't had the time. If "alot" bothers you, then don't read my cache hiding tutorial! I'll get a "round tuit" sooner or later to fix all of that.

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Thanks for the info on the art work. Going off for a little rest in West Tennessee (maybe a stop or two for a cache along the way) but when I get back I will work up the artwork. Basically I want the USN emblem with my name (a while back women in the navy were called waves, hence my name) but I would like to maybe include an outline of TN. Will work on it. I'm glad to find you and read all the good about your services. I've been wanting to have a stamp made so I can do some letterboxing too. As for the grammar thing, sorry I even mentioned it. This is what happens when you overeducate - it's like a disease that makes you overly sensitive to bad grammar. I usually do better at ignoring it. But hey, it has made me a nice summer income proofreading grant packages.

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Hey CR,


Thought I would let you know that my order arrived north of the border today. :mad: Took a bit longer, but seeing that it had to hit customs, I'm just glad that it arrived here unscathed. If fact, the smiley face sticker you placed over the envelope opening showed no signs of tampering....and there was no duty! <_<


Thanks for the great products! Now I've just got to get out and hide them!


Here are a few pics of the containers I've been working on with the stencil markings:





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Looks good!


Say, what's that small container in front on the bottom pic?

It's a medicine container I found at a local Shell station .... not as cheap as the bison tubes though .... it was a pain to paint.


Oh, hey, I forgot to thank you for the bison log sheets ....

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It's a medicine container I found at a local Shell station .... not as cheap as the bison tubes though .... it was a pain to paint.


Oh, hey, I forgot to thank you for the bison log sheets ....

Okie dokie.


As for the log sheet, it's our pleasure. We figure it'd help you get out in the wild.

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CoyoteRed..I was thinking along the lines of....A blood hound holding a magnifying glass, possibly with a dog track in the center of the glass. And the text, ...You've been found.....trail hound!


A round stamp with a dog track in the middle and Trail (on top) Hound(bottom) following the curve of the stamp

What do you think? Is it do-able?

Trail Hound

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CR has done some excellent design work for signs and for pleasure. BUT, he is a known procrastinator and may not get it done right away. (I have been waiting 3 years for a simple vinyl decal for my big truck.)


The kind folks in Amish Hackers topic about avatars have agreed to help out.


Trail Hound, I am forwarding your request to them.


CR can handle the quick and easy stuff (I would like four letter T's in a circle), but I don't think it is fair to you to have to wait for the more complex requests.



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Thank you CoyoteRed for the great job on the rubber stamp. I was so excited when I got home and opened the envelope. I will be shopping this week for a stamp to mount it to. I plan on looking for a self inking stamper. Once again thank you for your time and you work both on the stamp and the necessary changes you made for me to get it ready. There are plenty of people around here that may be contacting you.

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Your order was shipped yesterday...


Send the artwork and then go to the website and order 1 pair of TB info tags. That will be $3. with the shipping, so you will not be charged postage for the stamp.


I am working on getting CR to put mounts on the site. He can make a simple mount out of plexiglas that is about 1/2" tall for $3. The boss hasn't brought in the camera, so no way to get a pic of it.

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got my order back...wow everything was cool.i got 2 magnetic stencils great item 4 paper stencels also great and the bison tube is cool never even seen one b-4 ty so very much for the log also.i will remember you and your site in my first log entry using my tube.also those magnets...wow now thats some strong magnets!!!great site love to see more in the future.

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Thanks Sissy, I just got my order in today. I've already started painting containers using the stencils. I appreciate you sending microlog sheets with the bison tubes, that made it so much easier. I know I said I was going to get some artwork to you to make a stamp out of but I'm not satisfied with my current avatar. I'm trying to get some help on another forum with this and will get the linart to you as soon as I can. Thanks again for the products, I've already started including a hyperlink to your store with my correspondance to other geocachers.




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