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I'm writing a future article for Today's Cacher, and would like to interview geocaching members of our armed forces who are stationed overseas. If you'd like to be included, please email me at teeking @ sc.rr.com (remove the spaces in my email addy). Thanks for your interest, and, more importantly, thanks for your devotion and dedication to the USA. ;)

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I am not a service man and never have been, but I think that would be an excellent article. Ihope you get a ton of replys. My son is a senior in high school and he can't wait to join the military. I have those fatherly fears of him in the military but I also am swelling with pride in the fact that my son wants to be a part of serving and protecting this GREAT USA! Goodluck with the article and keep us updated when it is available!



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My hubby just got back from Korea (he is in the Air Force) and he really wanted to cache over there but had no transportation other than a couple of shuttle buses on the base. ;)


I'm sure there must be some folks overseas that have their own cars and go caching. I'm looking forward to your article!

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My son is a senior in high school and he can't wait to join the military. I have those fatherly fears of him in the military

I have two kids; my oldest son is in the Air Force, and my youngest leaves for Army boot camp on July 29. I'm very proud of them both, but am not surprised at their decisions to serve...I come from a long line of military family members. Still, I understand your fears for your son; I share those fears.

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An active cacher (over 700 finds) whose profile name is Johann Panholtz is currently stationed in Iraq and even found a cache there. Here's a link to his profile: Johann Panholtz.


His profile and gallery show that he obviously loves to cache with his family and definitely had an impact during the time he was stationed here near Louisville, KY. His caches live on with others maintaining them and he likes to hear updates on them and even CITO events.


He would make a great interview for Today's Cacher if the Army's not keeping him too busy. He was on the geocaching.com site as recently as yesterday, July 5.


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I am active Army and only recently got into Geocaching after I returned home from 15 months in Korea. Haven't been to Iraq yet but will probably find myself over there by this time next year. I would hope to be able to continue Geocaching while I am over there. If I can't look for caches I can certainly hide an endless amount with all the empty ammo cans that are readily available. Who approves them anyways?

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Here's the link to the AFNews Artile I referenced in the previous post.  I hope it helps.




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Ah, that's the article I saw, too. Unfortunately, it doesn't give the cacher's contact info, so it may be tough to get in touch with them. However, I'll try and contact the AF News web site and see what kind of information I can get. Thanks for posting the link. :(

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