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Any Erie (PA) area Wheelchair accessible Cache sites?


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Lighthouse Cache (Presque Isle Park just north of Erie, PA) by Renée, Mike, and Jim of Team Cache-ing In

N 42° 09.866 W 080° 06.708


This cache is less than five feet off the trail-but I don't remember if the side trail is paved orgravel as I found it in January or February-you could write to the cache owner and double check.


Hellbender Jackpot (south of Erie in Crawford County)by Doug and Heather

N 41° 47.587 W 079° 59.112


You get to the cache site by waling along on a wooden boardwalk (approx 1/2 mile-one way). I would imagine that would be wheel chair accessible at least before the snow flies, but I can't say for sure. Only thing is the actual cache site is maybe 20-30 feet from the end of the trail and that would NOT be wheelchair accessible. But at least your father would be able to participate in a very nice trip into the woods in a beatiful conservation-wildlife area and he could watch you find the cache from not too far away. Also Wine Country I Canine Cache is near a paved bike trail about 45 minutes from Erie, PA over in Ohio just south of I-90 and a litte east of Ashtabula City. Finding the cache itself though requires going maybe 10 feet off trail and downhill a little bit so again your dad could get close to a cache site, but he couldn't go the last bit via wheelchair.


Hope this helps zoisrus

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Hi Tprints,


Noticed this thread and had to post. Depending on the type of wheelchair your dad has the lighthouse site zoisrus (she's one of the big names in caching out in NE Ohio, and frequently heads over our way, by the way Zoisrus, I hope to get my what a long strange trip it's been cache out soon) recomended may be doable. You take 2 trails to get to the cache, the first is the sidewalk trail, which does have a narrow sidewalk running it and is very well packed, the second is a very well maintained hard packed dirt trail. I've scene some wheelchairs that are more suitable to rolling around on grass that could definately handle this (Sorry for the rant but hey it's 4:00 am).


"...Not all those who wander are lost..."

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