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Whats Your Favorite Log On A Cache You Hid?


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Here's a thread for all those who hide caches... wondering why you hide where you do and what is your favorite log that someone made on a cache that you perosnally hid?


I like to hide caches near something strange and interesting in the woods (or in urban areas too) There are so many great caches that take you on long hikes thru beautiful scenery and along interesting trails that I cant even bother trying to hide for that reason alone. briansnats caches often take you to these great parks so to try for that reason just wouldn't work.


Weird Nj is usually my inspiration (duh!) and my favorite hides are the ones in the NJ Palisades. its the nearest large park to hike in near me and i went there with my dad as a kid so I have fond memories of hiking on a sunday with him and my dog Bandit. and now I have great memories exploring the ruins, which I never knew existed or if I did, I glossed over as a teen.


What I love about these hides is rading the logs that people leave talking about the hunt and then the cool thing that I took them near. I was just reviewing Palisades Surprise because I think I need to do maitenance on it. I re-read

Bassoon pilot's log and it just brought a smile to my face. His log epitomizes why i like to hide things in these spots. of course this particular cache also happens to be the trickiest I ever created which always results in fun DNF logs, as well as excited Find logs as well.


There have been some great logs on some of my caches, but BP's was one of the coolest.


EDIT: I also can't help but also include this log by Boosh because it was his first find as a cacher, and he really had lots of input about the downed jet (which is probably my fav hide ever) I love it when people come to visit a cache simply because of what's there with the cache.


and finally, my fav logs from an individual typically come from either Briansnat, BP and Skully & Mulder, who for some reason has trouble finding my caches but always has a good time anyway...


I'm just curious which is your favorite log. And why.

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I'm not sure I can narrow it down to just one or two logs but I'll try. I have caches hidden for a veriety of reasons. Some are hidden just to get people to a particularly beautiful spot, some or meant to be challenging hikes or finds. Whatever the reason I alway have the local cachers in mind. A year ago I never would have thought I would hide so many but it gets addicting. Especially when I read some of the logs.







This cache forces people to write interesting logs: Mad Libs


There are many more, like I said it's tough to narrow down. I'm sure I'll be posting agan when I find some others. For now, gotta go do some caching. Happy 4th everyone!

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JMBella found Trout prison (Traditional Cache)


(in the voice of Rev. Al Sharpton)It's not right. My Bothers and sisters, I don't know what this world is coming to. Why are the trout fish being persecuted like this? It's barbaric. It's medieval. It's racist and down right despicable. Suffolk Country Dept. of Parks are prejudice against the Trout fish. Let us be their voice, for the Trout fish cannot speak for themselves. They can't fight for them selves. And they can't save them selves. This little know asylum detains the Innocent Trout. They do not know what they have done to deserve this, they do not know why they are persecuted. All they know is there was a time when they were free. A time when they could swim the same waters as the blue fish and the striped bass fish. Those day are but a distant memory for a few lucky trout. Most of them don't know the freedom some once knew. For them this is a way of life. Brothers and sisters. I said brothers and sister do ya hear me? The Suffolk County Trout fishists do not want you to know about their evil ways. Oh but we know. mmm hm. We know all to well the plight of our slimy, scaly friends. The time has come to liberate the trout fish! Set them free into the vast water of the world. Set them free to swim among other fish. My brothers and sister... They don't want us to know. mmm mm. No they don't want us to know. They want us to be silent. To be passive. To lay down and just let them persecute the trout fish. Well my brothers and sisters I'm here to tell you this: We will not lie down. We will not ignore this travesty. This mockery. This hypocrisy! We gonna stand up. We gonna stand strong! And we gonna stand on the neck of the fishism that is the cancer of our society. Can I get an Amen?! I said can I get an Amen?! We gonna fight till every last trout is freee at last! Can I get an AMEN?!!!


Took: Whistle Key Chain & WG$

Left: Sponge Bob & Mini FM Radio.

Nice job Buck. Thanks for a great cache!


Thats a funny one!

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:oJanuary 13, 2002 by SteveSouthwood (32 found)

Here was my first opportunity to get to a geocache first. I knew it would be hard and I knew it would be mucky.

I headed straight here from 'The Teddy Roosevelt'. Well, when I say straight, I mean I followed the compass heading whenever I could.


It was wet, boggy, smelly and the whole journey was restricted by fallen trees of all sizes.


It was pointless going round anything as there was only more of the same.


So I marched through the water, the trees and climbed over more than round.


When I got to the final area my GPS sent me all over the place. This was arduous as moving 10 feet in any direction required either brute effort, balance or bloodymindedness.


I found the cache on either the second or third visit to that particular possible hiding place. I must have been searching for about 1/2 hour at that point and all the possible hiding places wear beginning to look the same so I could not be sure how many times I'd been there.


Even when you're in the right place it's hard to find.


I tried to conjure the image of 'Mopar' casually strolling through this area and thinking that this would be a good place to hide a cache. This was impossible as anyone who finds themselves here will *know* that this cache was hidn't by someone with a twisted and sadistic mind.


I was so glad I marked both my parking place and where I crossed the river.


Thanks for a great cache hunt - this was the best ever !!!!!




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I like to place caches so people say you Sneaky B@st@rd! :o I like caches with some flavor so people enjoy the cache hunt and have a chance to do something a little different. Or puzzle caches where they teach people how to use the GPS (Cache Mission)


My Verona Park caches were placed with two goals in mind:

1. Get people to walk around a newly renovated park

2. Place two fairly easy caches for people to learn and for families to do


Here is Brian's report which had me in tears.

February 24 by briansnat (240 found)

I was doing errands in the area and decided I was going to go for Avro's Green Man cache. Good thing I checked the website before I left, or I'd have been out on a wild goose chase. That's quite a story! Anyway, I decided to go after the Verona Park caches, figuring they'd be quick and easy finds.

This one was pretty easy...at first. Got to ground zero and found the cache almost immediately. The only problem was that my hand was too big to fit in the hiding place to retreive it. I actually felt it with the tips of my fingers, but couldn't get a grip on it to remove it. Close, yet far!


I then fashioned a tool using sticks, but they didn't do the job and in fact, they pushed the container deeper into its hiding place. It had been floating on water in its hiding spot and I think I may have breached the container and caused it to sink. Sorry! .


I was determined to get it, so next I tried to build some stairs out of nearby materials to give myself a better angle. That didn't work, so I went to my car to find something. Well there was a lawn chair in the back (I had used it for ice fishing the day before), so I grabbed that. I got some odd looks from passersby as I walked through the park carrying a lawn chair, on this dreary, snowy day.


Using the chair, I was able to get a look into the hiding spot, but the container was no longer visible. I guess I really screwed things up. After close to an hour of trying to retreive this thing, I gave up and headed over to the VP II cache. My apologies to Avroair messing this one up.


I returned to check on the cache the next weekend. It was fine. And the remnents of his 'stair building materials' strewn everywhere.

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My new favorite log from today:


JerryMonkey found JMB-57 Lotus Lake Hip Waders Multi (Multi-cache)   


First of all, I don't quite know how to thank you, Joe, for such a simply evil and wonderful cache hunting experience. Absolutely incredible! It's on the brink of insanity and I loved every minute of it. After this cache I was thinking "Man! Every cache should be like this!" But then I reconsidered, and I'm thankful that every cache is not like this.


I've been waiting all week to do this cache... started from Meadow Croft.

Easy hike to part 1, was looking around for ten minutes, but I couldn't place the cache... I took a step back to consider where I should be looking and magically the cache appears before my eyes! Had a hell of a time trying to get it open, though (needed to use a screwdriver). Onto part 2.

Down the stream - had very spotty reception under the trees (it was very cloudy today also)... I saw two likely hiding spots. Searched both spots thoroughly, twice, and found nothing. Checked the hint... nothing new. Went back to first spot, looked again, everywhere! Nothing. I thought about how nobody has found part 2, and decided to try and find 3 without coords.

Headed down stream... came to what I considered an impasse. Saw no likely hiding spots, so I returned to part 2. Gave both locations another search... I even checked the surrounding area in case the cache moved by accident. It had been 40-45 minutes of searching at this point. I was just considering going to the other cache and then coming back for this one... but let's have on more look. And there it was... "Holy sh-! That's it!" After what everyone had been through looking for this thing, I was absolutely buzzing about this find...

Part 3 (with coords) was a cakewalk... kidding. This starts to really get backwoods here. The biggest problem I had was that if you stood in one place for more than 2 seconds, your foot starts to sink. The cache was easy to spot but hard to get to. I left a yo-yo and a kokopeli magnet. I took the Jeep. I signed the log.

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This log from Skully & Mulder. It was fairly early in my cache hiding career and the last sentence of this log really encouraged me to continue placing caches.


And for perseverence there is Artful Dodger's log on my Osio Rock cache.


And my BOLP III cache just invites great logs. Azog's DNF resulted in this log which is a fave of mine. Then there was mxzyptlk's

confused log from the same cache. I still don't understand what happened, but he wound up approaching it from a very bad direction along with etoast66. And there is GeoHo's log from this cache that ends in with the simple sentence " I’m glad I dared to do this cache, but Brian, are you out of your flippin’ mind?? Yeah, every time I go back for a maint run, I think so :D. Most of the logs for BOLP III are classics.



Finally, it's not officially my cache, but I have partial billing, as I helped hide it. It's Hartclimb's classic on the Passaic Hideaway. Just picturing him (or anyone) wearing waders and snowshoes.... ;) .


Here it is:


;) February 26, 2003 by HartClimbs (295 found)

First - let me state clearly that I've only been geocaching for a little over six weeks now and continue to learn. Today I learned the absolute worst conditions under which to do swampy caches - when the temps under freezing but the ice isn't strong enough to support weight.

So, after turning back a couple days ago - I decided to get up early and try again this morning before work. Arrived at the parking spot around 6:30am, popped on hip waders, then snowshoes, and off I went. The snowshoe/wader combination seemed unbeatable - until I reached thin ice.


Think of how much postholing in deep snow stinks. Now imagine postholing in thigh-deep swamp ice. STEP >CRUNCHSPLASHCRUNCHSPASHCRUNCHSPLASHCRUNCHSPLASHSPLASHNow I'm near the cache but....wait, this can't be right. It looks like the cache location is *IN* the river. Carefully wading (and crunching) out, I walk along a snow covered log (in snowshoes) and get near the cache. I have to leave the safety of the log to grab the cache and again ended up standing in about 2 1/2 foot of frozen water. The good news is - the hip waders performed perfectly! Logged the cache and swapped a Bugs Bunny keychain for a toy lock. Great hiding spot.


About 1/2 way back to the car I'm starting to think this is the hardest cache I've done to date (allowing for probably the worst possible conditions for a swamp cache!). Should have brought my canoe! With the 15 degree temps, I was covered with ice from the water splashed by my postholing adventure). Snowshoe straps were frozen (making it tough to tighten them when they came off) and when I got back to my car - I had trouble taking off my jacket as the zipper was frozen solid.


Anyway, I didn't see Brutus but *did* see a great deal of coyote tracks (which explains why the German Shepard I thought I saw looked ragged and not-quite-right, Brutus was probably just a disinterested coyote I was fortunate enough to see my first visit!).


Anyway - great cache, fun adventure and I'm left with a good story and some sore shins from postholing in the ice. Total time round trip to car was a little over 90 minutes.


- HartClimbs


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